Wednesday, May 5, 2010

more wedding pics

here's a couple more pics from our wedding off my brother's cam.

two more family pics.  love the first one cuz both my boys have big smiles on. :P

this is me with some of my friends from work.

i had to post these two eating pics of us cuz of how cute gavin looks in his suit, eating his egg roll.  lol

and all of this couldn't have happened without the love and support of my MAMA!
and my siblings of course.  wish i got a pic with my 3 sisters that were there... but didn't even think
to do so... guess i'm sol

i will probably continue to add more pics in the upcoming days as i get more from other people's cams.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


hey ladies!!  it's been a long time again since i've blogged.  been super busy trying to get things together for a very last minute wedding for me & the Mr.

we finally had our small non-traditional Hmong and American wedding on may 1st.  it was such a hectic time getting ready for it since it only 2 weeks away from the day we decided on a date.  the day before the wedding was really hectic with all the running around getting food and drinks.  the actual day was busy with cooking and decorating.  overall, i'm just glad the day was successful and it's done and over with and we can finally say we're husband and wife.  we've waited too long and it was worth it.

here's some pics off my sister's camera.

here's a family pic of us.  aren't my boys looking so handsome?  :)  i was told
by my friend that mitchell asked my brother "do i look like God?"  lol it was way too
cute!!  too bad i wasn't around to hear him say that.

here's us sitting at our table.  my sis-in-law didn't bother telling me my strap thingy was showing.
how embarrassing

the cake my gf got as a gift to us.  it was super pretty and super yummy!
she did a great job on the flowers.

this was us drinking our "fake" champagne.  lol  that's what happens
when you're prego and can't drink alcohol.

and here's us cutting our cake.  gavin's so cute as our little bystander,
waiting for the cake.  lol

well ladies, that's all that i have to share right now.  will share more pics from our wedding when i get more off of everyone else's cameras.

hope everyone has a fantastic tuesday!