Monday, September 6, 2010

labor day weekend fotds

hey ladies!  i hope everyone is enjoying their labor day weekend.  i have been, even though we aren't doing much at all (but it's not like i can do much anyways)

just wanted to share my fotds from the past 2 days with you guys.

this was saturday's fotd
love my new earrings i got from burlington coat factory!  i love how they're soo sparkly and different from
my other earrings i have.

i wanted to show case this new ring i got a week or two back.  love the bling in it too.

this is what i wore for the day.  didn't get my lower half but i just paired it with jeggings
and my blue jeweled flats.

this is sunday's fotd
you're probably wondering why i'm wearing my floral scarf two days in a row.
it's been cold and it's only the beginning of september!
but i just rediscovered this scarf from my many accessories and had to sport it again since
it's soo pretty.

and this was a braid that learned off buzzbeauty's youtube.  it was difficult at first to do
but afterwards, it was simple and very pretty.  my braid is all twisted cuz my hair was curly.

well, that's all for now so hope you guys enjoy the rest of your week!