Wednesday, September 30, 2009

ghosts of girlfriends past, girls night's pics & contest/giveaway update

so the mr. rented this movie for me the other day and we finally watched it last night.  there's not much to say besides it's a pretty good chick flick...just like the rest of the chick flicks out there.  it's kinda like "the christmas carol" but with the twist of the playa playa.  lol  if you ladies haven't seen it, rent it and watch it.

so these pics are from our girls night last friday night.  we were supposed to go to a fashion event in downtown minneapolis but my gf's hubby didn't get home on time so we just ended up going to the bar for a bit.

this was my OOTN (outfit of the night).  we were rushing to get out of the house but i couldn't decide on what to wear.  so i pulled out mr.'s t-shirt that he didn't want, started cutting it up and this is what i came up with.  lol  i think it all came together.  loved it and will probably wear it out another time. :P

this is my gf who just had her baby girl like 2 or so weeks ago.  damn, she looked so cute that night!  she didn't even look like she just had a baby.  lol

and of course, can't leave the sister-in-laws out.  these too suckers went downtown afterwards and i couldn't go with.  :(  i would have gotten into A LOT of trouble if i went with them and didn't come home til the wee hours at night.  lol so better to place it safe and headed home early.

to end this post... i know you gals have been wondering when am i gonna do my contest and/or giveaway.  well, due to the crappy way i've been feeling and the lack of motivation of trying to figure out what i'm gonna do and what i'm gonna give... i've decided to post pone this for a while.  i was thinking of something to do with halloween but i'm sure there's gonna be a lot of halloween stuff out there.  will have to think more about it... and keep you ladies updated on that.

Monday, September 28, 2009

family weekend *heavy img

hey ladies.  i meant to post this last night but i got too tired after eating so much food.  lol  but i had a blast this past weekend just hanging out with the family and some friends.  i don't have my pics up from my short girls night on friday night.  my gf was the only one who had a camera so she still has yet to upload them.  we were supposed to go to the mn fashion week but man, that didn't work out so we just went to a bar instead.  lol

anyways, saturday was my younger brother's 24th birthday so we went to hang out with him, the rest of my family and then my bro's friends (who all came later on during the night).  it was fun just hanging out with the family and meeting new people as well.

here's my look for the day... a simple neutral brown look.  i used my 120 pallet, my mary kay liquid and mineral foundation, maybelline liquid liner, rimmel black liner, cover girl bronzer along with my 2 elf bronzers, and lashblast mascara.  my hair was like this from friday night and i was a bit lazy to take it out so wore it again on saturday.  lol

then this was my look for sunday.  mr. was sick so he stayed home and watched his usual sunday football games all day.  i took my little sis, kelly, shopping for a homecoming dress.  i will have to show you my little clothing/accessories haul later.

for this look, i used all the same products except the 120 pallet.  i used my la colors pallet instead.

after our shopping trip, me and the family went up to mr.'s mom's house for a bit.  it was really windy and it rained a bit... it's getting colder and colder every day.  i'm sad yet happy too.  sad cuz summer's gone and the snow will be here sooner than we know it.  happy cuz i get to sport boots now!  lol

hope all you ladies have a wonderful monday!  xoxo

Monday, September 21, 2009


oh me oh my!  100 followers already!!  wow!  i'm so surprised that i reached 100 followers in such the short time of me blogging.  yay!!

so thanks to all my current followers!

with this in mind... i will have to think of a giveaway or contest to do... will keep you ladies updated on it since it will have to be within the next week or so.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

birthday shhh...

hey all.  so, last night we all went out to celebrate all the september birthdays...which included my 3 brothers and my Mr.'s sister.... give or take some friends of theirs too.  but we all had a blast and we all came home with our own "epic" stories.  LOL  man... it was a fun night.

that's it for now since i'm still too tired to post up more than this.  lol

Friday, September 18, 2009

new layout and new obession

hey ladies!  i finally picked out a new layout for the fall season.  let me know what you guys think.

also, i just wanted to share a new obession... well, more like a new addition that i would LOVE to have but unsure if the Mr. will let.  lol

these HOT boots are victoria secret.  i am so in love with them and would so much want them to be part of my fall wardrobe.  we'll have to see what happens and whether or not i'll be buying these HOT boots so for now, they'll just be an item that i'll just drool over.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

recent fotd's & new makeup set

hey ladies. here's another post of some fotd's that i did during the end of last week and this current week.
my nails from the weekend

9.12.09 another purple look
i dyed my hair to a deep burgundy color last saturday but the color doesn't show unless i'm under the light. thinking about getting some dark purple highlights or something... still debating.
my gf had her baby girl on the 14th so we went to the hospital to visit them. isn't she cute?
my express dress that i got for $12 at plato's closet. love it!
i got this 5 pc set on clearance for $5 at marshall's today. included is an eye lash curler, fake lashes with glue, gray & black e/s, black eye liner and mascara. will probably use everything except the mascara.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

yellow-green fever

Short post today.

It's the President of my work's bday tomorrow so we're celebrating his bday today by wearing yellow or green to represent that tractor brand, John Deere. lol I guess it's his fave thing? But anyways, here's my look for the day.

the only pic i took and it was from my camera phone :P

funny thing was that some of my guy coworkers noticed my green & yellow look and they kept saying it looked like i was a packer fan. lol My Mr. would kick my butt if i even dared to like the packers. LOL he's a vikings fan.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

some old FOTD's

gosh... i've been neglecting my blog since my net at home was all jacked up. but now, for some odd reason, it's back up and running just fine. yay!!

but it's been a while since i posted up any real FOTD's so i will post some old ones from the previous weeks.

these first two pics are from some time in august. talk about late but you know what they say "better late than never."
these next ones are from the beginning of sept. i've been neglecting my camera too so haven't really been taking too many pics of my FOTD

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy & Exciting News!!

Hey ladies. So I have some happy and exciting news that I want to share with you all... since I will probably put my journey on here as well...

Mr. & I are FINALLY getting married!! YAY!!!

After 2 longs years of cultural bs from relatives, we are finally able to take this next step in our life together. We both are very excited and VERY happy that we can move on.

I have soo many ideas planned already since he wants to get hitched by next summer and we have our cultural wedding at the beginning of Oct. yikes!

It all seems to be happening so fast. I remember when we first met and got to know each other and then got prego with Gavin... and now we're here. :P

here is our journey that we have shared together.

the beginning months...
my first bday with the Mr.

our first Halloween together... what a crazy night it turned out to be... I mean it in a bad way. we still have yet to make up for that bad Halloween lol

our prego year...

2009 recap..well... some months anyways
us in january

our 2 year anniversary on valentine's day

our night out in april.. yes, he's wearing the same outfit. :P

july fourth

I know it hasn't been that long for us but man, it already has felt like a lifetime and I know he's THE ONE for me.