Friday, October 30, 2009

*outfit of the day*

hey ladies...i haven't posted an OOTD for a while so thought i'd share my outfit and fotd from yesterday.

tank & cardigan: F21
belt (actually a necklace): new york & co
silver bangles: my older sister's
skirt: wetseal
lace tights: dots
gray thigh high socks: wal-mart
dark gray boots: charlotte russe

my fotd:
just a simple gray look

my little booger wanted to come pose with me... naw... really he just wanted me to hold him.  :P

here he is trying to do the peace sign... didn't quite work but he still looks cute waving bye.  lol

that's it for now... can't wait for halloween tomorrow... can't wait to wear my stay tuned until after the weekend and i'll post up pics from our night out.  hope everyone has a great & safe halloween!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

contest winner! & fotd/notw

hey ladies... sorry for the slacking off of my contest.  been home with 2 sick boys!  mitchell has the h1n1 due to some kid in his class pushing him down and spitting on his face last wednesday or thursday... his teacher swears that it couldn't have been due to that since other kids have been sick too... whatever!  then gavin has just been stuffed up, can't breathe, can't talk good... feverish at night and then not being able to sleep too... man, it's draining me since gavin just wants me.

anyways... even though i had only 3 girls who entered my contest...




i am still gonna have a contest winner since these 3 lovely ladies took their time to enter my first contest.

after careful consideration and viewing all the lovely, colorful harajuku looks... *drum roll*  the winner is...


congrats to her!  so please do email me your address to and i will send you your prize this week.  * which i finally have a picture of *

i_heart_red, you will be receiving cg lash blast mascara, nyx glitter e/s, la colors eye pallet,
nyx l/s in tea rose, elf shimmering facial whip, a konad stamper, and a konad plate (m71)

here's a closeup of the m71 plate...

on a different note... i got bored yesterday so i did a makeup look using my new fantasy makers e/s duo in glam ghoul & my la colors neutral pallet.

and then i had time to do my nails... what do you ladies think?  it's a combo of some of my
art deco nail polishes.

that's it for now since i gotta get back to attending to my sick baby.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

contest update

since i have a couple of entries for my harajuku contest and today is "supposed" to be the deadline.  i will push the due date to this SATURDAY.  so if any of you other girls are interested in joining... please do before saturday.

Friday, October 16, 2009

contest reminder

hey ladies.  just wanted to remind you all that my harajuku contest ends next wed, oct 21st.  so far i haven't received any entries.  so if i don't get any entries by the deadline, then i will just do a giveaway.  will keep you posted on that.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

the pumpkin family ^_^

hey ladies.  so halloween's coming up and the Mr. wanted to get some pumpkins to carve or what not.  well, instead of doing that, a coworker of mine grew little pumpkins/squashes in her back yard.  she had a bunch so she brought them into work and gave them out.  i was just sooo glad that i got the last 4!  so, here's our recreation of ourselves on our little pumpkins.

mitchell drew him & gavin's "self portrait" on the pumpkins

here's mitchell & his pumpkin self

here's gavin & his "wtf?" look with his pumpkin.  he was busy playing with his big spoon and pan. :P

here is the haul i meant to post that i got from elf.  they were having their 50% off their 10 pc set of their studio brushes.  so, basically i got this set for $15.  i will have to take better pics of them when i actually start using them after cleaning them.  but i left the brushes and they are super soft and i can't wait to use them.  the set consists of:

powder brushcomplexion brush
angled foundation brush
fan brush
eyeshawdow c brush
concealer brush
contour brush
small precision brush
small smudge brush
small angled brush

and i also got 4 of their waterproof eyeliner pen.  i bought one a couple months back and fell in love with it but couldn't find it in any stores so i had to wait until i ordered off elf's site again to purchase it and stock up on it.  i got 2 for me and 2 for kelly.

the other day, kelly and i were all wal-mart and noticed that they are carrying a new brand of makeup.  it's called hard candy.  i got one of the bronzers in heat wave and gold glitter mascara.

so, here is my swatch for the bronzer.  so far i'm liking the color.  i can't wait to try it out tomorrow for work. :P

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

sunday is family football day... lol

since it's football season, every sunday is all about football for the Mr.  he gets sooo into it and so do my boys... and i must admit, sometimes, even i get into it.  lol  i know!  it's weird.  he is a major die hard mn vikings fan and has even gotten both the boys viking jerseys so them 3 can match.  luckily today, i wasn't there to witness the whole game.  :P  but we did manage to throw in some family time together.  *big smiles*

here's my purple/light brownish pink look for the day.

the outfit of the day:
f21 purple sweater dress
denim leggings & faux leather jacket from marshalls
pink/fuschia scarf & red purse from wal-mart
black lace boots thrifted

me & my two crazy boys

our generic family photos.  don't mind the mess in the background, that's kelly's junk.  lol

here's me & kelly sporting our "goods"  lmao

and to end the's a cute one of my boys playing & posing in front of my mirror

that's it for now girls.  and remember my harajuku contest does end next wednesday and so far i haven't seen anything from anyone.  so... get your fits together and let me know!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


i didn't get around to posting this yesterday so i'll do it today.  this was my simple, fast purple look that i did for church.  the Mr. said i looked like a "biker chick" since i wore my black faux leather jacket.  man, it's cold and it's the only black jacket of mine that was out so might as well.  lol

kelly and i haven't seen each other for a while so we got together sat night and played with makeup!
this is the purple/yellow look i came up with for her.  she wasn't too sure on the color combo and
also cuz it's the mn vikings colors (she doesn't really like them but the Mr. LOVES the vikings lmao).
i told her not to worry about the combo since i've seen tons of you ladies sporting that purple/yellow duo.
but, i kinda screwed up on the bottom liner on her left eye but hey, it still looks good.  i was
very proud of myself for the great work i did that night with her look...
also cuz kelly liked the way it turned out.  *pats self on back* lol

here's a pic of my little poser.  lol  he looked so cute in his little "farm boy" long johns.  haha

so, i'm sooo ready for this week to be over with.  i have a fashion show called Fresh Traditions that i will be attending on sat night with my bro-in-law's wife (not my sister, if that's what you guys are probably wondering lol)  she's one of the makeup artist for the night so i will be going with her as her assistant so i can view all the backstage stuff.  this fashion show consists of all Hmong designers here in the twin cities.  i didn't attend last year's but saw pics and it looked like a great show so i'm super excited to go see and experience it!  will have to post pics up after the weekend.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

My 1st Contest!! Harajuku style...

hey ladies!  so i finally have a contest in mind for reaching 100 followers.  i know it took me a while but hey, finally got to it.

with halloween just around the corner, i thought i'd get you guys into the halloween spirit!  my contest will be all about gwen stefani's harajuku girls.  love how they dress all crazy & colorful and of course cuz they're gwen's girls.  here are a couple pics of gwen & her harajuku girls for you to get an idea of what i'm looking for.

here are the rules to my contest:
1.  must be a follower of my blog!  if you're not, please start following or else you'll be disqualified.
2.  your entry must have 3 photos of you...any kind of pose you want... and a list or photo of what you used.
3.  must leave me a comment on this post with the link to your entry
4.  open to both US & international followers
5.  GO ALL OUT WITH YOUR BRIGHT COLORS!!!  from the way you dress, your makeup, and even your poses... don't matter to me.  just make it harajuku glam!  :P

THAT'S IT!!  so with the rules thrown down, you have until Oct 21st to complete your look for my contest.  judging will be done by me & my younger sister... and give or take some other friends and/or family.  i will announce the winner on Oct 23rd or 24th so that i can send the prize in time for Halloween... **please note that this mainly counts for only US residents...if an international follower wins, they will have to wait for their prize to get to them after Halloween.

as for the prize, i will not post pics or note what they are yet as i am still trying to build up the prize bucket for the lucky winner.  so GOOD LUCK & HAVE FUN LADIES!