Tuesday, August 25, 2009

bday pics part 1 *heavy img*

hey ladies! as i promised, here are some pics from my bday. the weekend before and during.

the weekend before my bday, i was in my hometown hanging out with friends and family. it's been too long since we all celebrated someone's bday together...might as well be mine since everyone was in town. :P but we all had a BLAST!
me with my favorite 1st cousin
between us 7 girls, we finished a bottle of 1800 in like 30-45 mins. talk about crazy! lol
me & the Mr.
then last weekend, my actual bday, we went out to a bar. my first time there but you know, had a good time... danced the night away with the lover and the fam/friends.

my ROCKSTAR look of the night.

what i couldn't believe is that i got this faux shiny leather Bebe top for only $3.50 and this Guess gem belt for $4 at a thrift store! what a steal! ^_^

a closeup of my makeup

that's it for now but i will surely post up some more pics later this week. thanks for looking ladies!

Monday, August 24, 2009

*quick update*

hey ladies! just wanted to stop in for a quick update. i haven't been bloggin' lately due to a damn virus that has infected my computer at home so i'm doing a quick update here at work. lol

anyways, i just celebrated my bday this past weekend so i will have to post pics up from then and the weekend before. now it's on to getting school stuff for my lil' man who's starting kindergarten in 2 wks! *cries* it's gonna be another busy 2 wks for me!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Saturday look

i know, it's kinda late but wanted to share my saturday look with you ladies. yesterday was a lazy day, yet busy so i didn't get to posting.

white tank & black cardigan & heart studded earrings: F21
black lace mini skirt: WetSeal
camel studded gladiator sandals: Target
belt: NY&Co. (this is the one my gf gave me. i'm so glad i can wear it as a belt too :P)

i haven't done a brown smokey in a long time so that's what i ended up doing.