Tuesday, November 23, 2010

girls night out & baby updated pics

we had a girls night last friday.  just me, my sister (who's visiting before moving to ct) and my gf, bee.
just like old times.

my fotn... a neutral semi-smokey eye

my dress shoua got me at hm.  50% off select dresses.  i liked how this one hid my baby fat.  lol

us 3 girls

my lovely sister, also known as my twin lol

my baby girl amelia at 1 1/2 months old

sporting her leg warmers. she's so darn cute in them.

last but not least, one with daddy

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

sporting purple

yesterday, i had to run over to my work place & the daycare center where the kids will be going to when i go back to work.  this is my fotd.  sorry i didn't get a pic of my whole outfit.

with a purple shimmery lipgloss

a closeup of my makeup

here's one of me & amelia and i'm sporting a reddish pink lipstick

one of me, gavin & amelia

this is my notw that i did right before halloween.  sorry the pic isn't rotated...it didn't upload the way i had it saved on my comp for some reason.

Monday, November 1, 2010

halloween 2010

hey ladies!  i hope everyone had a fun & safe halloween.  here's my pics from the night.

i was a broken fairy since i forgot my wings.  lol  it was a last minute costume.

me & the mr.  he was "the dead kid" lol

me & the gf.  she looked cute that night thanks to me & my sister for lending her a costume.

last but not least, the group we went out with.

it was a fun night.  next year will be better cuz costumes will be better planned. :P

Sunday, October 24, 2010

friday night outting

hey ladies... just wanted to do a quick post on my ootn and fotn that i did when i went out with my gf on friday night. 

the only thing missing from my outfit was the zebra scarf that i put on after i dropped off my sister at home.

a pic of my kids to end off the post.  have a good week ladies!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

my little princess

hey ladies!  i just wanted to briefly show you pics of my little princess that is the newest addition to my little family. 

her name is amelia and she was born on oct. 7th at 5:30 pm.  she weighed 8 lbs and 2 oz and was 20 inches long.

here's each one of my boys with amelia

amelia's already daddy's little girl :D

i must say, she was the speediest of all my kids.  she was born within 1 hr of me going in to the hospital!  i didn't even have time to take the epidural that i wanted, that's how fast she came.  i'm just glad it wasn't as painful as my last baby and that everything went quick. 

i'm just glad that she's finally here!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

labor day weekend fotds

hey ladies!  i hope everyone is enjoying their labor day weekend.  i have been, even though we aren't doing much at all (but it's not like i can do much anyways)

just wanted to share my fotds from the past 2 days with you guys.

this was saturday's fotd
love my new earrings i got from burlington coat factory!  i love how they're soo sparkly and different from
my other earrings i have.

i wanted to show case this new ring i got a week or two back.  love the bling in it too.

this is what i wore for the day.  didn't get my lower half but i just paired it with jeggings
and my blue jeweled flats.

this is sunday's fotd
you're probably wondering why i'm wearing my floral scarf two days in a row.
it's been cold and it's only the beginning of september!
but i just rediscovered this scarf from my many accessories and had to sport it again since
it's soo pretty.

and this was a braid that learned off buzzbeauty's youtube.  it was difficult at first to do
but afterwards, it was simple and very pretty.  my braid is all twisted cuz my hair was curly.

well, that's all for now so hope you guys enjoy the rest of your week!

Friday, August 27, 2010

recent fotd's

hey ladies, just wanted to share a couple of fotd's from this week.
actually had the time to take pics...except for wednesday's fotd

this was monday's fotd

this was tuesday's fotd

this was thursday's look

had to squeeze one in of me & my boys

this was today's fotd
then it got too hot so i pulled my hair into a side braid,
which i didn't take any pics

and to end this post, here's a prego pic of me :P

Sunday, August 22, 2010

bday fotd & sonia kashuk brushes

hey ladies!  so, today's my birthday.  i feel so old now!  lol  didn't do much today, just hung out with my boys and then an early dinner with my gf.  just wanted to do a quick post on my fotd and my gift i got from my gf.

this is the limited breast cancer "seeing pink" edition travel brushes by sonia kashuk
i think they're softer than the set that i got last xmas.  i can't wait to use them!
i might have to go get the other set too if i can find it... i like it cuz it comes with a pink glitter clutch.  :P

but with the travel size, you get a travel case, a blush brush, an eye shadow brush,
a crease/blending brush & a concealer brush

ok...that's it for now.  hope everyone has a great week!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

fotd's, kindergarten graduation & blog sale purchase

no work for me yesterday since it was my son, mitchell's kindergarten graduation.
i'm so proud of him for making it through his first year of real school.  yay!
he now has a month off from school, then back to it again after labor day.

and here's my fotd that i did for his graduation...kept it simple since it was sooo darn hot out!

here's the stuff i bought off of rai's (http://www.glam-morena.com/) blog sale

i got the 78 eyeshadow & blush palette along with 2 NYX tube lipglosses in blush and fuschia

here's me wearing the NYX lip gloss in blush
love the simplicity of it

now in fuschia... i didn't like how it looked when i first put it on but you know, after cam whoring for a bit,
it's grown on me.  it'd be perfect for a night out.  :P

me & my little monster, gavin

did my nails again since they started chipping and coming off last night
just a simple nude/cream polish with lots of teal glitter on the top half of the nail.  simple and pretty.

and last but not least, an update on my growing belly.  i'm 31 wks this week and i'm looking forward for the next 2 months to go by.  i'm anixous to meet my little girl... WE ALL ARE!

p.s.  don't mind my dirty mirror... it's tiring leaning and reaching over the bathroom sink just to clean off the mirror and the mr. won't do it.  :(

have a great night ladies!