Monday, November 30, 2009

Maybelline Gift Pack

hey ladies!  first off, just want to say 'hope you guys all had a good thanksgiving!"'  mine went pretty well considering this was my first thanksgiving that i cooked by myself (some help from the 2 younger siblings).  but man, i dunno if i wanna do all that cooking by myself again... i was pooped out by the end of the night.  lol 

anyways, on to the main topic of makeup.  i went to wal-mart after work today for a few household items.  but you know i had to go to the makeup section.  lol
to my surprise, at an end cap of one of the aisles, there were these maybelline gift packs for $9!!  what a steal!!
they had 5 different packs... this is the one i got for myself.

this one has a e/s quad called 'charcoal smokes', line stiletto liquid liner and their new lash stilettos mascara.
i got this one for myself since i like the quad and i have been wanting to try this new mascara of theirs.

i actually bought two of these.. the other one is a different pack but has the same e/s quad.  i got that for a gift for my secret santa.  good thing she doesn't read blogs... or at least i hope she doesn't.  LOL

btw, this is what happens when you don't have a camera lack the posts that you should be posting.  haha
i want to show you ladies my recent clothing hauls (including my mini one from black friday) but can't do that since the quality of my camera phone kinda sucks right now (have one too many photos stored that's why)  guess it'll just have to wait til i get a camera and/or make space on my camera phone.

til next time... good night!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

late post from my saturday girls night out *heavy img*

hey ladies!  just wanted to share pics from my girls night last saturday.  my gf and i forgot her cam so these are from the bday girl (in the blue dress)  i like the turn out of these photos but wish we had our own cam to whore out on. ^_^

i've never been to this place before but it was really nice, esp the fact that it's free entrance and we all got drunk off $20 a person.  LOL
anyways, here's the pics...

i <3 the girl in the middle of this pic. first time i met her but man, she's wild and fun.. just like me. :P

above is my favorite pic of me & my gf from the night 
that's my other dress that she's wearing and i must say, she looks good in it.

we'll def have to do another one of these girls nights again but next time, we'll have to remember to bring our own camera.  LOL

thanks for viewing!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

boots & fotds

hey ladies!  long while since i posted.  just wanted to share that i finally ordered my thigh high boots!!!  i'm so excited to get them, hopefully next week, so i can sport them before the snow comes!  they will look good with my shoe collection.  :D

i have my eyes on a couple other pairs of shoes for the winter... will have to work out my finances so i can get them all.  lol

this is a FOTD from last saturday when i went to my cousin's baby shower.  my sister, kelly, broke my camera right before halloween so i have no camera and have been deprived... *cries*  the Mr. won't let me get a new one until the new year... so until then, i will only have my camera phone.

then here's my look from some day last week... yes, i'm sipping on my fave drink of the moment.  :) the Mr. actually complimented me on how nice i looked that was surprising since he hardly compliments me anymore.


that's it for today... hope everyone has a good weekend!

Monday, November 2, 2009

my halloween pics

hey ladies... here's some photos from my halloween outing.  our night wasn't at great as i'd hope for it to be but at least my costume made up for it. :P

me & my gf's theme was moulin rouge

loved my butt bustle thingy that i made.  my gf didn't want me to make her one until she saw mine that night,
then she kinda regret not asking me to make one for her as well.

me & the Mr... he was Michael Jackson.  we were surprised there wasn't a lot of guys dressed
up as Michael for Halloween.  oh well... Mr. rocked it!

me, my Mr, my gf & her Mr.

another couple closeups of me...

for as long as i've known my gf, we haven't had a good halloween together so hopefully next year will be better for us.