Monday, December 28, 2009

xmas pics

HAPPY BELATED HOLIDAYS!  I hope all you ladies had a great Christmas!  I know I did... even though we bounced to 3 different houses that day... and in crappy snowy weather too.  I'm just glad we made it to all 3 houses safely and we had a good time.

To start the pics... here's a pic of me and the Mr. at my older brother's house (this was the 2nd house we went to that day)
I liked this pic but the Mr.'s got his "cheesey" smile on. lol  So we retook another one... but Kelly decided she wanted to put her hand in the pic... so the pic under this one is the 3rd take on us.  hehe It's blurry but I liked it still. :P

This was right after Gavin opened his gift from his Auntie and Uncle.  He got a sippy cup with his name on there and a long sleeve shirt.  He looks kinda fobby since his pant legs are all wacky looking.  LMAO  But at least he matches my sister, Shoua's striped socks.  ahahaha

The two babies... Autumn and Gavin.  When we ate, she was feeding him too.  It was sooo cute!

My mom and Mitchell

Crazy Gavin playing on Auntie and Uncle's kitchen floor.  He spilled his juice all over himself since his new sippy cup isn't spill proof.

The lovely younger sisters... Kelly and Shoua.  I did Shoua's makeup again that day and she's wearing my clothes so she looks REALLY pretty.  LOL

The Neals... sucks that they left to go home today but we had a good time while it lasted  We will see them again in June when they come up for their baby shower we'll be throwing them.  YES!  You heard right!  Shoua's prego!!  We're all happy for her and keeping tabs on her so nothing bad happens.  *crosses fingers*

This was during our church's New Year they had on Saturday.    I took pics of my makeup but haven't uploaded them yet so that'll be on another post.

My outfit:
gray tank:Marshalls
gray cardigan: Wetseal
pearl chain necklace/belt: Dots
light green lace tutu skirt and black lace tights: F21
black leg warmers: dunno
brown boots: Charlotte Russe

Hope that all you ladies have a good New Year's!  Have fun and be safe!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hmong New Year **heavy img*

ok... here's my post about the Hmong New Year at the Metrodome.  you know, Hmong New Year's aren't like how they used to be when I was a teenager.  now they're just boring and kinda dumb... hardly no one attends them any more... only the young kids who still want to go hit on other young kids... the old folks who wanna go show themselves off... then the sports players... there's nothing for the people in between all those ages... they're simply not entertaining anymore.  :(

but anyways... i was gonna wear some thai/lao clothes that my mom made but the top looked dumb on me and i didn't have a regular top that went well with the skirt.  so after all that debate and trying on all these clothes, i decided to just wear regular clothes.

peacock headband, lace bodysuit, cardigan, skirt and floral tights: forever21
silver chain with faux pearls (really a belt but worn as a necklace) & floral ring: dots
blk leg warmers: don't remember
gray boots: charlotte russe

my mom said that my necklace made me look like a "black" girl cuz it was just so bling like.  LOL  i didn't know my mom knew those kinds of things.  it was just funny to hear her say that ahahaha

my fotd:
mary kay foundation and mary kay mineral foundation to set the liquid
neutral colors from one of my pallets
nyx black liner on bottom lash line
blue from 120 pallet on top of black liner
gc lashblast mascara
hard candy bronzer
rimmel blush

my mama and us girls

us sisters with my bro, leng

individual pics with our mama

yeah... it's weird seeing a black man wear hmong clothes lol  he had everyone starring at him... it was CRAZY!!

i know this was a long post but hope you all enjoyed our pics from the Hmong New Year.  we should have taken more pics of other people in their different Hmong costumes but man, how weird would that have been?  lol

friday night outting... part two

as i said i would, here's some more pics from our outting last friday night.

me & my twin

me & my younger siblings

a pic of me & the Mr. dancing

me posing with my cousin's hat... the one that's in the background.  lol  then my friend (Mr.'s cousin) jumped into my "single" pic i was trying to take

my cousin, moses, me, april

this was when i finally got a pic with my high school friend, lee... she's the one in the middle.  the girl to her right is her friend, amy.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

friday night outting..part one

hey ladies!  it's been a while since i posted up anything.  lol  but i just wanted to start sharing some of our photos from our BIG group outting last friday.  we all went out since my sister and brother-in-law are in town for christmas and everyone would be busy another night.  it started off as a good night before we left... then it turned into disaster when we got to the place we wanted to go... eventually, it turned out to be a REALLY fun night for all of us.

to start the pics... here's one of me and the Mr. (before he was really gone lol)

my fotn:
mary kay liquid foundation with mineral foundation for setting
green and black from 120 pallet
wet & wild gel liner
gc lashblast mascara
hard candy bronzer
rimmel blush
revlon l/s in cozy coral

here's my outfit of the night.  i ordered this dress online after i ordered the red one.  lol  couldn't decide which one to wear... but the Mr. helped me decide. ^_^

here's my sister, Shoua, and i.  i did her makeup for the night.

here's most of the ladies of the night.  we met up with 3 more ladies later but didn't manage to get a group shot of the girls.

the trio: me, bee, shoua

this was our family pic.  lol
my younger bro, cher, my Mr., me, shoua, my bro-in-law, ralph, and my other younger bro, leng

that's it for now since i was too lazy to upload more since my computer was being slow.  i will post more pics up later and also from our adventure to the Hmong New Year at the Metrodome on sunday.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

a warm december saturday

hey ladies!  so yesterday was the warmest "winter" day we've had this month so far.  it was 25 degrees out!  lol
so since it was warm, i wanted to sport one of my floral skirts that i haven't worn yet.

face: mary kay mineral foundation in 400
hard candy bronzer
wet & wild pink blush

eye: shimmery gray and black from my120 pallet
dark purple from my fantasy eyes duo
wet & wild gel liner
cg lash blast mascara

lips: wet & wild lip balm & nyx thalia

outfit of the day:
hat/beret: dots (it's kelly's but i've been in love with it since she bought it!  it was the last one so she got it and i get to borrow it. :P)
love t-shirt: forever21
floral gray, purple & black skirt: charlotte russe
dark purple tights: wal-mart
black leg warmers: don't remember where i got them lol
gray boots: charlotte russe

**sorry for the messy's what happens when your kids tear everything up. lol  and the bad lighting so you can't see the bottom half of my outfit better.

me & my 2 boys...

i wanted to take a pic of gavin (since i've been camera deprived).  i told him to smile and he didn't so i told him "cheese" and this was his smile for me.  :)  he's sooo cute!  i didn't even know my boy knew how to smile when you tell him "cheese"
i miss these priceless moments.

here's the Mr. and gavin when i told gavin to do "cheese" again.  lol

i'm also excited to say my other half is coming home for xmas! yay!!!  i can't wait to see my sister and bro-in-law!
they'll be here on thursday and will be staying for a little over a week.  can't wait to just do sisterly things with my 2 younger sisters. :P
on that note... hope everyone has a great week!  i know i will... 3 day work week.  woot woot!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

quick eotd

hey ladies!  so i finally used the maybelline gift pack (that i posted up on my last post) for my EOTD today.  i LOVE the e/s quad and the liquid liner!  the mascara...not so much.  why? you ask.  since it's not waterproof... it doesn't hold my curled eyelashes so that's a downer for me.  *frowns*  i like it cuz of the length but the flat lashes are the issue.  lol

here's a couple pics i took @ work.... shhh.... ^_^
can't really tell what the colors are on my eyes but that's what i get for using my cam phone.

to end this post... kisses for you ladies!  xoxoxo