Friday, July 31, 2009

i am sooo addicted to....

THRIFT SHOPS!!! just spent like $90 yesterday at 1 thrift store. OMG!! i love this thrift shop that we went to. they have so much variety and not to mention, they were having their 75% off certain summer items. lots of stuff were going fast!! i think i might hit that store up again next week to grab a couple more items that i didn't get. but here is my haul from today's shopping (this is excluding kelly's stuff that i bought for her) ***heavy img

here's my lil' man in his blazer and dress shirt & tie. he LOVES it! and it was a good price too! everything we got was less than $5 besides 3 items.
don't mind the tag that's still on the scarf... ^_^
these boots are lace and they were only $17!! woot woot
love the neckline detail of the black tank... sooo pretty!!
i might return the white mini cuz it's a bit small but man, it was less than $2... i think i could make it a high waisted mini and wear leggings/tights under neath.
and my FAVE find of the day... this dark brown faux leather jacket!! so darn hot and i've been looking for a leather jacket gotta get me one in black keke
to end the post... here's my makeup look for the day. until next time ladies, ta-ta!

Thursday, July 30, 2009


hey ladies. this is gonna be a short post since i just wanted to share my OOTD (outfit of the day).

white t-shirt & black dress: F21
black leggings: forget where i got them
white earrings (that you can't see): flea market
necklace: ny & co (my bday gift)
black and silver bangles: wal-mart
a close-up of my grey smokey look

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

2 early birthday presents!!!

hey ladies! i'm so super excited cuz i just received my bday present from the Mr. *screams* I SUPER LOVE HIM FOR GETTING ME THESE SHOES!!! i've been wanting a pair of these studded heels for the longest time and when i first found a knock off pair, they were going for $66 bucks on ebay. Mr. didn't want to spend that much on a pair of shoes for me so when i found them on for only $23, i had to tell him to get them for me for my bday next month. ^_^ after s&h charges, it was about half the price of the first pair i found. SUPER EXCITED TO SPORT THESE FOR MY BDAY!

here i am sporting my new shoes with today's work outfit :P

then last weekend, during gavin's bday party, my bestie gave me my bday gift as well. she told me "when i saw this, i thought 'this is so pang.'" and when i saw it, i totally agreed with her!! love the necklace she got me too!! so funny how i was asking one of the Mr.'s older sis to make me a similar necklace to this one. now she won't have to. ^_^

a closer view of the necklace.

what can i say? i'm a bit of a spoiled brat. lol

i have a mini clothing haul that have to share as well but we'll save that for tomorrow. have a good night ladies!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

mini clothing/shoe haul

hey ladies! so during lunch today, i went over to plato's closet to check out their stash of thrifted clothes. didn't really find any clothing that i liked since i was on a time limit but i did find some cute shoes for $6. yes, that's right $6!! i was thrilled. they're so cute and good for work as well. :P

today was also my first day back to work from my 4 day weekend. during my absence at work, the skirt that i ordered from f21 last week came in. i was super excited to get home and try it on. sad to say, when i tried it on, it didn't fit as tightly as i hoped for. i got a large, thinking it would be like one of the other skirts i got from there. boy, i was wrong. anyways, thinking about asking my mom to alter it somehow to fit me, if not, i'll just give it to kelly.

i love the faux leather look it has...that's the main reason i bought it.

but since that since didn't work out, i'm thinking about getting both these skirts instead.
love the zipper details on this skirt, both front and back ^_^
i love the crazy black and white design on here. and it's less than $10 so why not.

ok, now i'm all excited about ordering these! *eek! p.s. this is what happens when you're bored and wanna surf the net lol

Monday, July 27, 2009

my baby's 1!! *cries*

so, my baby turned 1 on july 18th. *cries* we had two parties for on his actual bday (a mini party so my bro who's in the army and my mom could celebrate with us) and then one just this past weekend for the rest of the family and friends.

he's getting so big and independent...although, still a crybaby but oh well. still love his chunky butt. :P
here's some pics from his actual bday.

love this pic of my boys. mitchell being a good big brother

here's some from the bigger party last saturday

this was his look for most of the day. he kept looking like he was mr. crabby pants
gavin with his 2 elmos and his doggy. his fave, baby elmo

Thursday, July 23, 2009

a couple of recent FOTDs

hey chicas! gosh, i haven't posted in a while so i'll share some of the recent looks i did that i actually took pics of.

thought about wearing my hair down this day but man, it started getting hot so i ended up putting it up to the side. lol the heat & humidity is driving me CRAZY!!
these are 2 of the lasts pics i took before i got my hair cut/trimmed.

here's my new look after getting my hair cut last friday. took about 3 inches off (finally all the split ends of mine are GONE!), had more layers added and trimmed the bangs a bit. i feel a bit rockstar-ish. :P

this look was on gavin's bday. didn't do anything special cuz the big party's this weekend instead.

this next look was what i wore to work this past monday.

this one was taken by my lil' photographer, mitchell. :P

Friday, July 10, 2009

Last post of July 4th weekend..*heavy pics*

Gosh, I feel like I haven't posted in forever. Still very busy with stuff, since it is summer. I take so many pics yet don't have time to post and/or upload them at all. lol But I just wanted to post up some pics from July 4.

me & kelly just hanging out last fri before the family came to visit from out of town

me all dolled up saturday night for our night out with family and friends

what i used:

face: femme couture minerals in med biege, elf mineral glow on top to set the foundation, elf bronzer in sunkissed on cheeks

eyes: pink & coral-pink from my kleancolor pallet (i got this for $1 at the flea market woot!), dark purple & black from my 120 pallet, Jane Gel liner, Rimmel black liner to tight line upper lash line, CG mascara (forgot the name but it's the one that's supposed to add the hint of light to your eyes), and some falsies

lips: Wet & Wild l/s in shade 502a (it's a pink color with gold shimmer) & and Rimmel l/g in punk princess

me & the mr looking fly :P

me & one of the bff's from high school
the mr's sisters and i

us ladies before heading out... meaning "sober"

us ladies while we were out... getting crunk! :P

my younger brother and i

it was a fun, crazy night! haven't had fun like that in a long time. i'm just glad my bff had a blast too!

then on sunday, before my bff left, we went to the lake for a bit. so here's some pics of my kiddies on the so-called beach. lol

gavin put his forehead into the sand and wounded up having this spot of sand on his forehead. he was soo cute!

here he is trying to balance himself

mitchell thought it was funny that his shorts floated on top of the water like this.