Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day at the Park/Zoo

Hey ladies... thought I'd share my pics from today. We went to a picnic that my bff invited us to. It was loads of fun!! Spent the whole day there...first at the zoo (that's across from the park) then went to the park, ate and hung out with everyone.. then back to the zoo to walk through it so we could go home.
I'm glad the sun was out all day and the wind was calmer than yesterday...hope I actually got a tan. lol **warning** this entry has LOTS of pics

Outfit of the Day...
yellow tank: Forever21
jean skirt: Marshalls (I think)
shades: Dots

my boys posing before us leaving the house

Mitchell & I waiting for Gary to get out of the store... he had to go get sun block cuz I forgot to get it the other day... haha... oops.

My baby guy just chilling before the drive... he ended up falling asleep for about 20 mins before we woke him up.

My Silly Boys...

On the walk to the zoo/conservatory... Gary & Mitchell were touching the pine trees since Mitchell said "they're so pokey mommy." And of course, Gary showing off... lmao

My boys watching Sparky the Seal show at Como Zoo. It was a short show but it was entertaining. :P

My fatty... lol I think we all ate so many slices of watermelon today... they were sooo good though.

Here's the two of us chilling before we stuffed our faces with food. lmao

My bff, Bee (she's like 6 months prego), Gavin & I

Bee & her hubs, Eric... he was eating a watermelon during this pic so she decided she'd make her face look fat like his since his mouth was full of watermelon. lmao dorks..

My chubbiness eating a biscuit like stick from an Asian candy... forget the name but man, Gavin & Mitchell loves this candy.

This is how we all felt at the end of the day, during the ride home.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Blues

Man, so glad it's finally FRIDAY!!! woot woot I must say, today went by pretty fast. It must be becuz I was helping the receptionist with her breaks and lunch. Thank God she took a lot of breaks today. lol You know, Friday mornings are always fast for me, then slow as heck after lunch...anyone else find that about their Fridays at work? I dread Friday afternoons spent at work, esp when it's a beautiful day out. Summer's gonna suck being at work when it's nice out. *frowns*

Well on a happier note, here's my outfit of the casual Friday.

blue jersey dress & flip flops: Wal-mart

black cardigan & black lace halter: Forever21

black stud earrings: Kelly got them for me at the Hmong flea market

the first profile like pic I took of myself. I must say, it turned out better than expected. :P

My hair of the day...

me & my lil men...finally got Mitchell to take some pics with me. He just woke up from his nap like 2 mins before these pics were taken so he has crazy hair. harhar

Gavin finally kissed me correctly! LMAO btw, that's a fried banana treat I'm holding. I was feeding Gavin that cuz it's one of his fave treats.'s Makeup Quiz

So, this morning, as I got into work...checked my email and saw that sent me a link to their quiz called "What Kind of Makeup Fashionista Are You?" I decided to take it and this is what my result was:

You're a Classic Makeup Fashionista

You enjoy wearing makeup and the way it makes you feel. You know exactly what colors work for you and on special occasions you like to try the latest trends or go a bit more dramatic. You revel in your femininity and enjoy putting time and effort into your look. For everyday makeup, keep the focus on your eyes with shimmery sheer washes of color and flirty, defined lashes. For a night out try a retro pin-up girl look. Slide on your kitten heels and you're good to go. Bottom line: Indulge your love of all things feminine and don’t be afraid to say no to some of the wackier makeup trends. Sticking to what you know can be a very good thing.

Here's the link if anyone else would like to take the quiz... you know just for fun.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Beautiful in Lavendar

It's a beautiful day today. The sun is's nice and warm out but my place is hot. That's the one thing that sucks the most about this place we're living at. I dread doing laundry and cooking during the summer cuz of the damn heat and humidity we get here in MN. *ugh*

Anyways, on another note... I was thinking about starting a daily post on my outfits that I wear to work. To start things off, here is my work outfit from yesterday. I would post my outfit today but I didn't take any full length pics...only ones are from my phone when I took them at work cuz today was just a LONG day!! Time just went soo slow that I was falling asleep. LMAO I normally don't but man, had a long hunt last night for my lost keychain. I was sooo upset but at least we found them after looking for about 1 1/2 hours. Damn my Mr.'s sister!!! LOL She ended up throwing them in her purse. Crazy girl. lol

Ok... enough of the rambling of my missing keychain. On to the pics!

Gray cardigan, lavendar dress worn as a top & bow earrings: Forever21
Pinstripe skirt with skinny belt, floral necklace & gray mary janes: Charlotte Russe

Instead of giving me a kiss, Gavin decided to open his mouth cuz he thought I was gonna give him some ice cream. LOL

Gavin all messy after eating an orange creamsicle with me.

These two pics of Gavin are from last week. He's sooo chubby!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sisterly Love

I spent the day yesterday with my baby sister. Took her shopping so she can get some clothes for her school choir concert, end of school year graduation, and just out and about outfits. She spent a good $100 and got a lot of good stuff for herself.

And, I finally found a maxi that I liked at Forever21 for $14.80 so I got it in the fucshia-pinky color. I LOVE IT!!! Just have to get my mom to alter it about an inch or two shorter. But, I'm thinking about getting another one in either the teal or purple. I like how it just hangs on my body and doesn't show all my love handles from having my boys. LMAO

Here's a couple pics of us from yesterday, after our shopping was done...

My baby sister, Kelly, sporting her new top and headband

Me in my new maxi. Tried it on at my mom's to show Kelly, since she didn't see me in the fitting room, and then was too lazy to take it off. LOL

And of course... the Mr. & I

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sunday at the Playground

Not really beauty related but I wanted to share our family day on Sunday. It was such a beautiful day!!! We didn't want to waste the day so we went to the park...unfortuneatly, we couldn't find a parking spot cuz everything was jam packed. So the Mr. decided we'll just go home and bbq. Well, Mitchell wasn't happy about that at all cuz he was already so excited that we were going to the park. To make it up to him, we went to the Rec Center that's across the street from our place. This was our family day... and I can't wait to have more since the warmer weather is finally here! woot woot

Gavin's first time on the swings. HE LOVED IT!!! He also likes slides but they didn't have any. :(

Mitchell playing with the sand like every kid does

Now he's trying to swing like crazy. lol

hard to tell that these two don't get along that often... only time is when they're camera whoring together. :P

To end the's the Mr. and I. He's always making faces when we take pics together. Damn him! haha