Thursday, November 12, 2009

boots & fotds

hey ladies!  long while since i posted.  just wanted to share that i finally ordered my thigh high boots!!!  i'm so excited to get them, hopefully next week, so i can sport them before the snow comes!  they will look good with my shoe collection.  :D

i have my eyes on a couple other pairs of shoes for the winter... will have to work out my finances so i can get them all.  lol

this is a FOTD from last saturday when i went to my cousin's baby shower.  my sister, kelly, broke my camera right before halloween so i have no camera and have been deprived... *cries*  the Mr. won't let me get a new one until the new year... so until then, i will only have my camera phone.

then here's my look from some day last week... yes, i'm sipping on my fave drink of the moment.  :) the Mr. actually complimented me on how nice i looked that was surprising since he hardly compliments me anymore.


that's it for today... hope everyone has a good weekend!


  1. Wow the FOTD looks REALLY good girl! YAY to the thigh high boots, which ones did you get??

  2. Cute FOTD! :D And I always lovve your outfits :)

    & Nice thigh highs too!!

  3. these boots are absolutely gorgeous^^

  4. Thanks Pangie! I was really motivated to work out for Halloween and it all fell apart in the weeks after. haha

    I love your scarf and sweater! Such cute hints of pink.

  5. hey hun love the outfit and those boots are to die for. btw, thanks for putting ur 2 cents in on my heartbreak post. i dont know what to do without u blogger ladies. ur very lucky u get compliments from the hubby unlike me who doesn't get any from the bf. i've got a lot of thinking to do. i want to work things out with him but i truly felt hurt the way he just left me and im not sure i want to be treated that way again in the future. thanks for listening hun much love! muah!

  6. i love the boots ! I whant them !
    Your blog is cool !
    Xoxo !