Monday, November 2, 2009

my halloween pics

hey ladies... here's some photos from my halloween outing.  our night wasn't at great as i'd hope for it to be but at least my costume made up for it. :P

me & my gf's theme was moulin rouge

loved my butt bustle thingy that i made.  my gf didn't want me to make her one until she saw mine that night,
then she kinda regret not asking me to make one for her as well.

me & the Mr... he was Michael Jackson.  we were surprised there wasn't a lot of guys dressed
up as Michael for Halloween.  oh well... Mr. rocked it!

me, my Mr, my gf & her Mr.

another couple closeups of me...

for as long as i've known my gf, we haven't had a good halloween together so hopefully next year will be better for us.


  1. i definitely loved your costume :) & the makeup as well... :D

  2. i really like your outfit.

    hey girl

    I just found you blog and love it. keep up the good work.

  3. i THOUGHT i posted on this post already but i guess i didnt but damn mama you looooooook freakin sexy!!! thanks for the heads up about hard candy, i already know my location wont get it. lol.