Tuesday, January 26, 2010

saturday "fashion" night

hey ladies!  been a while since i posted but here i am again. 

we went to a birthday party this past saturday night and the theme was just to be fashionistic.  i couldn't decide what to wear and i actually had another outfit planned out (a rocker chic) but at the end, i wore this instead...due to the rain that we got all night friday night into all day saturday.  i didn't think it was safe enough to wear high high heels... i didn't want to bust my ass on the hidden ice.  ^_^

gray knit hat: dots (i didn't wear my hat when we were at the party)
blue floral tunic: target
gold necklaces: heart one is kelly's, the others, rue21
tights: forever21
leg warmers: i forget
brown boots: charlotte russe

my almost finished makeup for the night.

now, completely finished.

face: elf tinted moisturizer/coverup in tone 2
beauty control concealer in light
mary kay mineral foundation in beige 2
elf contour set
jane blush (forgot the name)

eyes & lips:  browns out of my 120 pallet
mac's gold mode
nyx black liner
wet&wild's gel liner
mary kate & ashley purple glitter (used on top of gel liner and under my lash line)
cg lashblast
2 random falsies
wet & wild l/s (forget the name)
rimmel lip plumper

this is my favorite pic of me & the Mr. from that night.  i dunno why but it just is.  LOL

me & the gf, bee.
i've noticed that in these pics from this night, i look more pinky than she does... not sure why when we both were similar shades.  could be cuz she's wearing liquid foundation and i'm wearing mineral foundation.  i dunno... it's just weird.

i will post up more pics when i have time later tonight.  i have some fashion contest pics from the birthday that i want to share with you all.


  1. i loveeeee your boots and dress! they look super cute together :D

  2. you're outfit is super cute.

    That would be hard to get dressed for a fashionistic theme party, I'd be so confused. Aren't we trying to be fashionable everyday?


  3. Your outfit was perfect for this theme party!! I love it! Your dress is fab!

  4. You looked great girl! Love your hair too :) Thank you for dropping by at my blog as well.

  5. Great job! I love the makeup. Cute blog. I'm going to start following.


  6. Lovely pics & blog... thx for sharing! :) Mon Mode Blog

  7. Great pics! You both look awesome! I love the lace tights with the knee high socks!


  8. Your pictures looks so cool!
    Seems you spent a lot of fun :)

  9. love the lace tights you have on...cute outfits.

  10. I love the pattern of the dress, and you look adorable with curls in your hair :D have a great valentine's!

  11. love your outfit & make up!! great photos :)

  12. Congratulations on your pregnancy!!! It is so nice to know :)

  13. That blush looks really pretty! I wish you could remember the name of it! :)
    Really pretty makeup and I love your outfit!

    Anyways, visit my blog too if you want.