Tuesday, January 12, 2010

recent phone camera pics

hey ladies!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  hope everyone is enjoying the new year and getting a fresh start.
it's been a while since i posted.  been meaning to get up my new year's eve pics and some pics of my boys but i've been lazy and don't feel like resizing them.  lol

but here's some recent pics off my phone.  **not the best quality but it'll do

this is actually from this a couple mins ago.  *ssshhh*  i'm taking pics for you guys while i'm working. lol
i loved how my hair turned out today so i wanted to share it with you ladies.  it's my version of the faux bob.

hopefully i'll be more productive and post up some of those pics.... esp tomorrow since i have the day off. :)
ENJOY your day today ladies! xoxo


  1. the loose curls look great on you, and lovely flower necklace :D hope you have a great start on 2010 so far!

  2. i'm loving your hair!! so pretty!!

  3. I nominated you on my blog :)

  4. love the loose wave look and white necklace!

  5. Oh, I love your office hair! I need to get a curler and work some magic with mine.


  6. very beautiful pictures, i love your necklace, so stylish and gorgeous!
    by the way i'm having a jewelry giveaway, i invit you to take part if you are interested :)