Thursday, June 17, 2010

summer updo

hey ladies!  just wanted to do a quick post on my updo i did the other day for work.  i really liked the outcome of it so had to take some pics on my phone.  lol 

i used my necklace as my head piece.  it was broken so what better way to make use of it.

the side view *don't mind the blank look on my face lol

the back view

thanks for viewing!


  1. that's creative that you're using that as a headpiece, it looks good btw. hehe you're so much more dressy for work than I am :)

  2. Great way to reuse the necklace!

  3. omg thats beautiful! it almost looks like a weddign hair do! love it and how u used the broken necklace:) very creative hehe^^ x