Sunday, July 18, 2010

nails & fotd

hello ladies!  sorry i've been MIA.  being prego has been kicking my butt...found out last week that i have a bladder infection.  that was not fun and super scary.  other than that, i've just been swamped with work and with family.  not enough time to myself...

anyways, just thought i'd share some pics from yesterday since i haven't posted in a month.

my nails i did last night after our family bbq.  my first time using my konad stamp in the leopard print.
i'd have to say not bad but i sure could use more practice.  you know what they say
"practice makes perfect"

my look from yesterday... kept it simple since it was super hot

as usual... me & the mr.

and last but not least, my handsome gavin just turned 2 today!!!  can't believe he's already 2!!
how time flies by... pretty soon my 3rd one will be here.  :)


  1. Nice nails!

    your son looks so cute!

  2. omg u r a mum oredy??? U loook sooooo youthful n young! is really hard to believe!

  3. u did such a gooood job with the nail art!!!! i loveeee it! and hope your well and staying cool during your pregnancy :)