Monday, November 1, 2010

halloween 2010

hey ladies!  i hope everyone had a fun & safe halloween.  here's my pics from the night.

i was a broken fairy since i forgot my wings.  lol  it was a last minute costume.

me & the mr.  he was "the dead kid" lol

me & the gf.  she looked cute that night thanks to me & my sister for lending her a costume.

last but not least, the group we went out with.

it was a fun night.  next year will be better cuz costumes will be better planned. :P


  1. oo gosh you look soo beautiful !! Wish we had halloween here...

  2. cute costume hun. i was disappointed @ this year's halloween since none of my friends wanted to throw a party or even go clubbing to dress up so i wore my costume at work. they said we're too old for that but i beg to disagree ;)