Thursday, April 21, 2011


hey ladies!  been MIA for the past couple months.  been busy with getting back to work and having 3 kids to take care of before heading off for the day...but that hasn't stopped me from getting all dolled up!  here are some random photos from my time gone away from my blog.  will post more pics when i'm not busy again.

before i cut my long hair

me after my so much needed hair cut...but i miss my long hair from time to time

sporting my hubby's sister's necklace she made.  LOVE her work!
my sister and her baby (dawxen seen below with amelia) moved in with us for a year or so

my little diva working her stuff at the store with these sunglasses we had her try on
love her so much!

and here's one of all 3 of my kids.  they're such a handful now but i still love them.

me & my friend, kalee, at the fashion ball here in mn

should have moved my scarf so you could see the beautiful necklace i had on :(

that's my quick update for now.  have a great Easter everyone!


  1. welcome back, doll! i've missed your posts! i love your outfits and babieees, milf! :D and your hair looks beautiful like that, great style for spring :)

  2. Yay, you're back!! Welcome back *hugs* =)

    I love your new hair. It really frames your face quite nicely. You look younger and "fresh" faced now. Lol, it's nice to change your hair every now and then to spice things up. I recently just went darker, so I know how you feel about having to get used to your new hair. But it's just hair, remember. It grows back!

  3. Sooo glad your back!! you look great!