Thursday, July 14, 2011

ELF's Studio Makeup Mist & Set Review

hey ladies.  i'm back for the moment and wanted to share a new love of mine.

i was in target one day and i ALWAYS go check out the elf products they have.  i always have to get one their waterproof eyeliner pens.  i <3 that eyeliner as well.  but anyways, i saw way at the bottom, this spray.  wondering what it was, i pulled the package and read it.  it was their studio makeup mist & set.  OMG i had to try it.  it's only $3 so i thought, what's the harm?  after trying it for a week, i told my sister, kelly, about it, my sister-in-law and one of my friends.  it works really well and i love it.  so now, on to the review!

packaging: 3/5
elf doesn't have the best or the worst packing but it was nice and simple.  it's not sturdy enough so if you want to place the bottle back in there, the top kinda limps out on you.

quality of product: 5/5
i LOVE how this makes my makeup stay all day long. with the heat and humidity we get here in MN, it's good to know this spray makes your makeup stay and doesn't let the sweat streaks break in.

spray pump: 2/5
the sprays aren't consistant when you use it.  it's not a mist, that's for sure.  you get too much product on you so it somewhat feels like you're drowning in it.

scent: 1/5
i hate the smell so good thing it only lasts a while.  they should rework the scent on this spray.

so here's an overview of this product.

holds makeup all day
holds makeup through the heat and humidity
only $3

too much product comes out when you "mist" your face

i hope you ladies will give this product a shot.  and if you've tried this already, please let me know how you like it.  i'm already half way done with my bottle.  have a good weekend ladies!


  1. I think I'm going to order this product!

  2. this has just been added to my elf list!