Sunday, December 13, 2009

a warm december saturday

hey ladies!  so yesterday was the warmest "winter" day we've had this month so far.  it was 25 degrees out!  lol
so since it was warm, i wanted to sport one of my floral skirts that i haven't worn yet.

face: mary kay mineral foundation in 400
hard candy bronzer
wet & wild pink blush

eye: shimmery gray and black from my120 pallet
dark purple from my fantasy eyes duo
wet & wild gel liner
cg lash blast mascara

lips: wet & wild lip balm & nyx thalia

outfit of the day:
hat/beret: dots (it's kelly's but i've been in love with it since she bought it!  it was the last one so she got it and i get to borrow it. :P)
love t-shirt: forever21
floral gray, purple & black skirt: charlotte russe
dark purple tights: wal-mart
black leg warmers: don't remember where i got them lol
gray boots: charlotte russe

**sorry for the messy's what happens when your kids tear everything up. lol  and the bad lighting so you can't see the bottom half of my outfit better.

me & my 2 boys...

i wanted to take a pic of gavin (since i've been camera deprived).  i told him to smile and he didn't so i told him "cheese" and this was his smile for me.  :)  he's sooo cute!  i didn't even know my boy knew how to smile when you tell him "cheese"
i miss these priceless moments.

here's the Mr. and gavin when i told gavin to do "cheese" again.  lol

i'm also excited to say my other half is coming home for xmas! yay!!!  i can't wait to see my sister and bro-in-law!
they'll be here on thursday and will be staying for a little over a week.  can't wait to just do sisterly things with my 2 younger sisters. :P
on that note... hope everyone has a great week!  i know i will... 3 day work week.  woot woot!


  1. hey! i have a q.. how is the MK mineral foundation? is it more matte or dewy?!

  2. Love the makeup and the outfit! Can't wait to see more =)

  3. cuuuuute boys! =D
    adorable fashion combination you have such a talent

  4. Hey Pangie! Thanks for stopping by ^_~

    And said the exact word, it was disrespectful of my friends bf to try to give me business advice when he's seriously...not cool. lol

    sighh it's going to take some adjusting but I think I won't give up my best friend just yet!

  5. Hi Hun!
    you family is so cute and sweet!! Im doing ok here still getting used to the weather LOL yeah Im scared of driving in the snow its not visible at all >_< I hope you are staying warm and dont get sick!! Happy Holiday Hun!

  6. Friendly invite~! Welcome to visit my handmade creation and art / cafe blog~! Thank you~!!

  7. aww lovely outfit! your skirt and your family is way too cute <3 Thank you so much for your comment. I agree with you I think I'm going to reject the interview and have a closure. No need for negativity in life if I can choose not to have it right? ;)

  8. Awww so cute! Love your outfit too x Sushi