Monday, December 28, 2009

xmas pics

HAPPY BELATED HOLIDAYS!  I hope all you ladies had a great Christmas!  I know I did... even though we bounced to 3 different houses that day... and in crappy snowy weather too.  I'm just glad we made it to all 3 houses safely and we had a good time.

To start the pics... here's a pic of me and the Mr. at my older brother's house (this was the 2nd house we went to that day)
I liked this pic but the Mr.'s got his "cheesey" smile on. lol  So we retook another one... but Kelly decided she wanted to put her hand in the pic... so the pic under this one is the 3rd take on us.  hehe It's blurry but I liked it still. :P

This was right after Gavin opened his gift from his Auntie and Uncle.  He got a sippy cup with his name on there and a long sleeve shirt.  He looks kinda fobby since his pant legs are all wacky looking.  LMAO  But at least he matches my sister, Shoua's striped socks.  ahahaha

The two babies... Autumn and Gavin.  When we ate, she was feeding him too.  It was sooo cute!

My mom and Mitchell

Crazy Gavin playing on Auntie and Uncle's kitchen floor.  He spilled his juice all over himself since his new sippy cup isn't spill proof.

The lovely younger sisters... Kelly and Shoua.  I did Shoua's makeup again that day and she's wearing my clothes so she looks REALLY pretty.  LOL

The Neals... sucks that they left to go home today but we had a good time while it lasted  We will see them again in June when they come up for their baby shower we'll be throwing them.  YES!  You heard right!  Shoua's prego!!  We're all happy for her and keeping tabs on her so nothing bad happens.  *crosses fingers*

This was during our church's New Year they had on Saturday.    I took pics of my makeup but haven't uploaded them yet so that'll be on another post.

My outfit:
gray tank:Marshalls
gray cardigan: Wetseal
pearl chain necklace/belt: Dots
light green lace tutu skirt and black lace tights: F21
black leg warmers: dunno
brown boots: Charlotte Russe

Hope that all you ladies have a good New Year's!  Have fun and be safe!!


  1. cute pics! haha I don't think he looks fobby, lol sometimes when it's raining outside I roll up my jeans like that too and I forget to rol them down when I get inside 0_0 have a safe New Year!!

  2. great pictures! looks like you guys all had a great time! Autumn and Gavin are so cute =)

    i'm a new follower, looking forward to your future posts =)

    happy new yr!

  3. Hey Pangie! haven't heard from you in a while.
    Just wanted to let you know that I changed my URL to :) you used to follow me on Just thought I'd give you a heads up :D if you were wondering what happened. take care sweetie. ;P MUAH!