Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hmong New Year **heavy img*

ok... here's my post about the Hmong New Year at the Metrodome.  you know, Hmong New Year's aren't like how they used to be when I was a teenager.  now they're just boring and kinda dumb... hardly no one attends them any more... only the young kids who still want to go hit on other young kids... the old folks who wanna go show themselves off... then the sports players... there's nothing for the people in between all those ages... they're simply not entertaining anymore.  :(

but anyways... i was gonna wear some thai/lao clothes that my mom made but the top looked dumb on me and i didn't have a regular top that went well with the skirt.  so after all that debate and trying on all these clothes, i decided to just wear regular clothes.

peacock headband, lace bodysuit, cardigan, skirt and floral tights: forever21
silver chain with faux pearls (really a belt but worn as a necklace) & floral ring: dots
blk leg warmers: don't remember
gray boots: charlotte russe

my mom said that my necklace made me look like a "black" girl cuz it was just so bling like.  LOL  i didn't know my mom knew those kinds of things.  it was just funny to hear her say that ahahaha

my fotd:
mary kay foundation and mary kay mineral foundation to set the liquid
neutral colors from one of my pallets
nyx black liner on bottom lash line
blue from 120 pallet on top of black liner
gc lashblast mascara
hard candy bronzer
rimmel blush

my mama and us girls

us sisters with my bro, leng

individual pics with our mama

yeah... it's weird seeing a black man wear hmong clothes lol  he had everyone starring at him... it was CRAZY!!

i know this was a long post but hope you all enjoyed our pics from the Hmong New Year.  we should have taken more pics of other people in their different Hmong costumes but man, how weird would that have been?  lol


  1. this is probably the random-est thing in the whole world, but your brother, Leng. i remember you had in an old post that he was your brother. well i just realized that he use to talk to my husband's cousin, Maiya Moua. i think they dated or used to talk this past summer, because i guess they shared a myspace and she added me. haha i know hella random right?