Wednesday, August 4, 2010

fotd's, kindergarten graduation & blog sale purchase

no work for me yesterday since it was my son, mitchell's kindergarten graduation.
i'm so proud of him for making it through his first year of real school.  yay!
he now has a month off from school, then back to it again after labor day.

and here's my fotd that i did for his graduation...kept it simple since it was sooo darn hot out!

here's the stuff i bought off of rai's ( blog sale

i got the 78 eyeshadow & blush palette along with 2 NYX tube lipglosses in blush and fuschia

here's me wearing the NYX lip gloss in blush
love the simplicity of it

now in fuschia... i didn't like how it looked when i first put it on but you know, after cam whoring for a bit,
it's grown on me.  it'd be perfect for a night out.  :P

me & my little monster, gavin

did my nails again since they started chipping and coming off last night
just a simple nude/cream polish with lots of teal glitter on the top half of the nail.  simple and pretty.

and last but not least, an update on my growing belly.  i'm 31 wks this week and i'm looking forward for the next 2 months to go by.  i'm anixous to meet my little girl... WE ALL ARE!

p.s.  don't mind my dirty mirror... it's tiring leaning and reaching over the bathroom sink just to clean off the mirror and the mr. won't do it.  :(

have a great night ladies!


  1. you're one hot mom and you look so good with youe bump :)

    thanks for sharing your bangs story :)

  2. gosh your one hot momma, just gorgeous..

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