Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The 3 Musketeers Part 2

Here's the 2nd part to my last post. **once again...HEAVY, HEAVYIMAGES**

That night, after taking pics with the sisters, we went out for sushi with our other couple, Bee & Eric, that completes the trio couple.

eric, gary and ralph drinking their saki

shoua, me & bee looking good while we're waiting for our sushi and other yummy foods

It was the Mr.'s bday on June 11 so we did a bbq for him that following Saturday. Man, all I gotta say is "drunk guys are funny." :P But these are only the before pics...no drunk pics of the funny men.

our family pic
just the 2 of us <3
us sisters (and gavin) with the Mr.'s sisters. yep, there's a lot of girls in his family.. 6 to be exact. and both our families have 12 kids total! lol

I also did a colorful look on Kelly one day after work cuz we were bored. I like the look I did on her so I will have to try it on myself one of these days. :P

Then last Friday, June 19, we went to a friend's bday and I did Shoua's makeup again (I also did her makeup when we went to go take pics).

I must say, I LOVED MY MAKEUP THAT NIGHT!! Well, basically LOVED my whole look for the night! I loved my sister's look.. Bee's look... us ladies looked very lovely that night. Who knows when we'll be dressing up again like this. Oh wait, that's right, for my bday in August! :P

On to the pics from that night...

this one is with only her eyes done

this is her finished look. she's been away from this whole getting dolled up look so i kept it simple for her and just gave her a dusting of bronzer... no foundation at all. she kept on telling me she was scared of me poking her eyes. lol

this was my look for the night. i got inspired by tanda on makeupgeek.com when i saw this look of hers and wanted to try it on myself. LOVED IT!!

us lovely sisters

the Mr. and I

me, bee & shoua. ralph was saying that this looks like a studio pic due to the background from outside.

us ladies outside before we were gonna leave

shoua and i doing our jagg bombs... mmm... yum!

my fave pic of me and the Mr. i was surprised he kissed my cheek unexpectedly like this. too bad the pic turned out a bit fuzzy. oh well, still precious! <3

gary, me, ralph & shoua

eric, bee, gary & i (we were dumb to not have someone else take a pic of us 3 couples)

us girls at Denny's having a midnight snack with our men sitting across from us. we got seated in the same booth from like 2 years ago when a bunch of black, white and an asian girl who were seated behind us... one of them called us "ha-mong" LMFAO we were all drunk so when we heard it, bee goes "did she just call us ha-mong?" we all laughed and called them dumb since they mispronouned Hmong. LMAO dumbass people.

kisses to all you ladies! thanks for looking at my pics (even though there were so many and many more to share but i didn't) <3


  1. omg girl..I did not know that Shoua is your sister. Omg..Ralph is my old high school buddy...omg such a small world indeed. I am in shock..hahahah Have they left already. I have not seen them since we all graduated in 04. omg! cool... I know your brother Leng (not sure how to spell his name) hahah...we all graduated from North..lol so weird...

  2. Love looking at pics!

  3. make sure you mention dia, mee, molly and katie to ralph ...hahahah

  4. yeah 3 hours commute isn't as bad as 5 hours. We used to do 5 hours every other weekend so now that its cut short to 3 its better. I would like it more if its 1 hour. hahaha

    Oh it would be nice to hang out with you for this weekend since you're going to be in town but we are actually heading to MN on friday. lol maybe another time...

    by the way, tina is really dia so if you mention dia to ralph he'll remember right away... lol Tell them to give us a call whenever they are in town again... it'll be nice to see them too... do they have a baby yet?