Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Warmer Days...Crabby Kids...

Gosh! It's getting warmer now and the kids seem to get crabbier and crabbier. The humidity this summer is only gonna make it worse. It seems like nothing pleases them except going outside and ice cream. *sigh*

According to the Mr., Gavin was crabby ever since the Mr. picked up the boys from the sitter's. He took a short nap and then woke up as Mr. Crabby Pants. When I got home, he seemed fine... this is him playing around.

Sporting daddy's shades
playing with mommy's bangle
climbing all over mommy
On to the work outfits. Today was quite nice... a bit warm but still able to handle it since the humidity hasn't arrived yet. I'm sick... probably finally caught what the boys had last week. Trying to get over it, that's why I haven't posted in these last days. But you know, even though I feel icky on the inside, that doesn't mean, I gotta look it on the outside. :P
floral/black top: F21
earrings: Charlotte Russe
purple & teal bangles: Wal-Mart
black skirt: my mom's shop
purple/gray pumps: a shop at the flea market
a close-up of my makeup for the day
Tuesday's work outfit:
white tank and dark skinny jeans: F21
necklace: belongs to my sis, Kelly
gray preppy jacket: Burlington
black heels: Charlotte Russe
and without the jacket on...

Monday's work outfit:
light green top: my mom's shop
white necklace: I think they're from Dots
jeans: my sister's (didn't fit her so she gave them to me :P)
white pumps (these are about 2 yrs old lol): Charlotte Russe
a close-up of my makeup


  1. i just wanna pinch gavin's cheeks! haha they are so cute & chubby :D oh & i like that preppy jacket w/ jeans look! it is so right now for some reason.

  2. hahaha he is so adorable especially with the sunglasses and the bangles!!! ;P

  3. sooo adorable!! such a happy baby! XD

  4. what a cute kid! cool outfits!

  5. i agree, the warmer the weather the crabbier EVERYONE gets.

  6. hehe he looks like he's pouting hard core playing with your bongos. but he's still so cute even when he is crabby and pouting! I like the light green top on you a lot <3 So summery

  7. Aw! He looks so handsome with sunglasses! Cute chubby chicks! So adorable!
    Love your floral top! Thanks,hun!

  8. oh... super adorable baby! he looks so handsome w/ the shades. hehe...

  9. awwww they are super cute! I love all that asian chubs on babies!!

  10. gosh your kid is so cute! how old is he? i have an 11mth old!

  11. Aw, what a cute baby you have! Love his cheeks. Haha. Are you from MN? Bc it looks like Como Zoo in your previous post.

  12. See how cool Mr.Gavin looks with those shades!! so adorable~~

  13. what a cool babeh & mummy!
    i lluff your high-waisted skirt looking hot
    wow your eyeshadows are soo pigmented!
    i need to be more bold :P

  14. Awww what a cutie pie!!! So adorable! Love your outfits, you are super stylish for work! I should take some tips ;)

  15. Tuesdays work outfit is rockin!!! Awwww your baby in shades look soooo cute!!

  16. your son is SO cute and of course the mommy is lookin' hot :P

    -thnx for the comment and dropping by. i appreciate it!

  17. i want to pinch your babys cheeks!

  18. Wow, your kid is just adorable. Sooo cute! Aha, lookie here people, we got one hot momma! :)

  19. awww soo cute and mommy is soo beautiful! Yes labor was sooo freaken painful but soo worth it!

  20. Hey there! Thanks for following my blog (: So cute pics! And lovely outfits (;