Wednesday, July 29, 2009

2 early birthday presents!!!

hey ladies! i'm so super excited cuz i just received my bday present from the Mr. *screams* I SUPER LOVE HIM FOR GETTING ME THESE SHOES!!! i've been wanting a pair of these studded heels for the longest time and when i first found a knock off pair, they were going for $66 bucks on ebay. Mr. didn't want to spend that much on a pair of shoes for me so when i found them on for only $23, i had to tell him to get them for me for my bday next month. ^_^ after s&h charges, it was about half the price of the first pair i found. SUPER EXCITED TO SPORT THESE FOR MY BDAY!

here i am sporting my new shoes with today's work outfit :P

then last weekend, during gavin's bday party, my bestie gave me my bday gift as well. she told me "when i saw this, i thought 'this is so pang.'" and when i saw it, i totally agreed with her!! love the necklace she got me too!! so funny how i was asking one of the Mr.'s older sis to make me a similar necklace to this one. now she won't have to. ^_^

a closer view of the necklace.

what can i say? i'm a bit of a spoiled brat. lol

i have a mini clothing haul that have to share as well but we'll save that for tomorrow. have a good night ladies!


  1. i had no idea you were married to tina vang's brother gary. what a small world! and with babies? wowee. glad you got what you wanted for your birthday.

  2. your new shoes and necklace are so lovely....

  3. happy early birthday pang! the shoes are hella sexy!

  4. oOooh what awesome shoes & cute necklace! You look so sexy modeling those heels hun~! ;)

  5. happy pre-birthda!
    yippie you got what you wanted!
    nice studded posh looking

    cant wait for your shopping haul..

  6. that's sexy shoes :)luv it