Friday, July 31, 2009

i am sooo addicted to....

THRIFT SHOPS!!! just spent like $90 yesterday at 1 thrift store. OMG!! i love this thrift shop that we went to. they have so much variety and not to mention, they were having their 75% off certain summer items. lots of stuff were going fast!! i think i might hit that store up again next week to grab a couple more items that i didn't get. but here is my haul from today's shopping (this is excluding kelly's stuff that i bought for her) ***heavy img

here's my lil' man in his blazer and dress shirt & tie. he LOVES it! and it was a good price too! everything we got was less than $5 besides 3 items.
don't mind the tag that's still on the scarf... ^_^
these boots are lace and they were only $17!! woot woot
love the neckline detail of the black tank... sooo pretty!!
i might return the white mini cuz it's a bit small but man, it was less than $2... i think i could make it a high waisted mini and wear leggings/tights under neath.
and my FAVE find of the day... this dark brown faux leather jacket!! so darn hot and i've been looking for a leather jacket gotta get me one in black keke
to end the post... here's my makeup look for the day. until next time ladies, ta-ta!


  1. Omg! I can't believe what awesome stuff you got ^__^

    I have not ever been to a thrift store before, but maybe I should go visit one. Seems like you could get lots of good things

  2. Ohhh...I always wanted a leather jacket....gotta find one soon....nice haul...

  3. oooh you lil'man looks cute!!!
    you've got yourself some great stuff!


  4. wow nice haul...ur lito man is so cute in his suit...

  5. Wow, what great finds! Super jealous & I love that jacket! :D

  6. Good job on the haul! Everything looks great!