Tuesday, July 28, 2009

mini clothing/shoe haul

hey ladies! so during lunch today, i went over to plato's closet to check out their stash of thrifted clothes. didn't really find any clothing that i liked since i was on a time limit but i did find some cute shoes for $6. yes, that's right $6!! i was thrilled. they're so cute and good for work as well. :P

today was also my first day back to work from my 4 day weekend. during my absence at work, the skirt that i ordered from f21 last week came in. i was super excited to get home and try it on. sad to say, when i tried it on, it didn't fit as tightly as i hoped for. i got a large, thinking it would be like one of the other skirts i got from there. boy, i was wrong. anyways, thinking about asking my mom to alter it somehow to fit me, if not, i'll just give it to kelly.

i love the faux leather look it has...that's the main reason i bought it.

but since that since didn't work out, i'm thinking about getting both these skirts instead.
love the zipper details on this skirt, both front and back ^_^
i love the crazy black and white design on here. and it's less than $10 so why not.

ok, now i'm all excited about ordering these! *eek! p.s. this is what happens when you're bored and wanna surf the net lol


  1. wow.. I bet you look really sexy in these skirts! I'm looking for high-waisted tight skirts, but I can't find them in 4ever21.

  2. i SWEAR they have the cutess skirtzies @ the f21 i loooove them soo much!!!

  3. As much as I go shopping, I almost never buy clothes online. I have a really hard time finding things that fit me right and I don't want to deal with returning items. But I buy a bunch of other things online! >_< haha

  4. oh...there's a plato's closet where I live at too. where do you live at? great price for a great item. lovely.

  5. Hi Pangie thanks for the follow! Love both of the skirts, the leather looking one is so high fashion looking!=) but I think the one with the zippers is more versatile..=) love your thrift store finds in your other post BTW..=)