Sunday, September 20, 2009

birthday shhh...

hey all.  so, last night we all went out to celebrate all the september birthdays...which included my 3 brothers and my Mr.'s sister.... give or take some friends of theirs too.  but we all had a blast and we all came home with our own "epic" stories.  LOL  man... it was a fun night.

that's it for now since i'm still too tired to post up more than this.  lol


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  3. your little pink dress is Gorgeous. ^__^ ~~~

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  4. Hey girl you look gorgeous!!! :))

  5. you look gorgeous on pink dress its cite i like it!

    btw thnx for the comment dear :).

  6. gawjuss!!!!!!!

    thanks so much for stopping by! :) glad u liked my new layout. :)

  7. yes i am pretty sad that he's growing fast. i feel like i didn't get enough time with him as a newborn.

    anyways, you look hot in pink!

  8. aww your dress and ur makeup is so pretty! you look like you had a ton of fun!!