Tuesday, September 15, 2009

yellow-green fever

Short post today.

It's the President of my work's bday tomorrow so we're celebrating his bday today by wearing yellow or green to represent that tractor brand, John Deere. lol I guess it's his fave thing? But anyways, here's my look for the day.

the only pic i took and it was from my camera phone :P

funny thing was that some of my guy coworkers noticed my green & yellow look and they kept saying it looked like i was a packer fan. lol My Mr. would kick my butt if i even dared to like the packers. LOL he's a vikings fan.


  1. I wished to see the color better; I know what you mean...my phone sucks big time at pictures; I love greens. THey open up your eyes!! beautiful.

  2. i like this alot!!!! very well job! reminds me of Lemon and Lime so goes very well together! =]