Wednesday, September 30, 2009

ghosts of girlfriends past, girls night's pics & contest/giveaway update

so the mr. rented this movie for me the other day and we finally watched it last night.  there's not much to say besides it's a pretty good chick flick...just like the rest of the chick flicks out there.  it's kinda like "the christmas carol" but with the twist of the playa playa.  lol  if you ladies haven't seen it, rent it and watch it.

so these pics are from our girls night last friday night.  we were supposed to go to a fashion event in downtown minneapolis but my gf's hubby didn't get home on time so we just ended up going to the bar for a bit.

this was my OOTN (outfit of the night).  we were rushing to get out of the house but i couldn't decide on what to wear.  so i pulled out mr.'s t-shirt that he didn't want, started cutting it up and this is what i came up with.  lol  i think it all came together.  loved it and will probably wear it out another time. :P

this is my gf who just had her baby girl like 2 or so weeks ago.  damn, she looked so cute that night!  she didn't even look like she just had a baby.  lol

and of course, can't leave the sister-in-laws out.  these too suckers went downtown afterwards and i couldn't go with.  :(  i would have gotten into A LOT of trouble if i went with them and didn't come home til the wee hours at night.  lol so better to place it safe and headed home early.

to end this post... i know you gals have been wondering when am i gonna do my contest and/or giveaway.  well, due to the crappy way i've been feeling and the lack of motivation of trying to figure out what i'm gonna do and what i'm gonna give... i've decided to post pone this for a while.  i was thinking of something to do with halloween but i'm sure there's gonna be a lot of halloween stuff out there.  will have to think more about it... and keep you ladies updated on that.


  1. that shirt is sooo cute. i havent been on a girls night yet heheheh i want to buy like a blonde bob wig hehe!

  2. Like your outfit! Looks very comfy :P