Wednesday, September 16, 2009

recent fotd's & new makeup set

hey ladies. here's another post of some fotd's that i did during the end of last week and this current week.
my nails from the weekend

9.12.09 another purple look
i dyed my hair to a deep burgundy color last saturday but the color doesn't show unless i'm under the light. thinking about getting some dark purple highlights or something... still debating.
my gf had her baby girl on the 14th so we went to the hospital to visit them. isn't she cute?
my express dress that i got for $12 at plato's closet. love it!
i got this 5 pc set on clearance for $5 at marshall's today. included is an eye lash curler, fake lashes with glue, gray & black e/s, black eye liner and mascara. will probably use everything except the mascara.


  1. This dress looks more than $12

  2. Really do want to see your nails closer! it doesn't enlarge :(

  3. anastacia- not sure why mine hasn't been enlarging at all when you click it. will have to figure it out and get back to you on that.

  4. your white dress n' nails are soooo cute!!!

  5. Love the Express dress ! What a great deal! :D What color is the nail polish?

  6. i somehow landed on your blog & decided to give you a shoot :) also following if you dont mine :D...LOVE the dress its super cute && the nails <3