Friday, September 18, 2009

new layout and new obession

hey ladies!  i finally picked out a new layout for the fall season.  let me know what you guys think.

also, i just wanted to share a new obession... well, more like a new addition that i would LOVE to have but unsure if the Mr. will let.  lol

these HOT boots are victoria secret.  i am so in love with them and would so much want them to be part of my fall wardrobe.  we'll have to see what happens and whether or not i'll be buying these HOT boots so for now, they'll just be an item that i'll just drool over.


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  2. Nice new layout. It really celebrates the season. hehe. Those thigh high boots are so in for Fall and very SEXY. U should totally get them. =)

  3. Those boots are so hot! I'm looking for thigh highs too but flats.. I'm too tall to wear heels. Hahahhaa