Tuesday, October 13, 2009

sunday is family football day... lol

since it's football season, every sunday is all about football for the Mr.  he gets sooo into it and so do my boys... and i must admit, sometimes, even i get into it.  lol  i know!  it's weird.  he is a major die hard mn vikings fan and has even gotten both the boys viking jerseys so them 3 can match.  luckily today, i wasn't there to witness the whole game.  :P  but we did manage to throw in some family time together.  *big smiles*

here's my purple/light brownish pink look for the day.

the outfit of the day:
f21 purple sweater dress
denim leggings & faux leather jacket from marshalls
pink/fuschia scarf & red purse from wal-mart
black lace boots thrifted

me & my two crazy boys

our generic family photos.  don't mind the mess in the background, that's kelly's junk.  lol

here's me & kelly sporting our "goods"  lmao

and to end the pics...here's a cute one of my boys playing & posing in front of my mirror

that's it for now girls.  and remember my harajuku contest does end next wednesday and so far i haven't seen anything from anyone.  so... get your fits together and let me know!


  1. You look absolutely lovely dear~ and your two boys are tooo adorable =) Love the glow you have on your skin!!

  2. cute outfit, lovely pink scarf you got :) and awww your boys are adorable, I like the family photos you posted. and can't wait till you do a post on the elf studio brush, now i'm curious about those!