Tuesday, October 6, 2009


i didn't get around to posting this yesterday so i'll do it today.  this was my simple, fast purple look that i did for church.  the Mr. said i looked like a "biker chick" since i wore my black faux leather jacket.  man, it's cold and it's the only black jacket of mine that was out so might as well.  lol

kelly and i haven't seen each other for a while so we got together sat night and played with makeup!
this is the purple/yellow look i came up with for her.  she wasn't too sure on the color combo and
also cuz it's the mn vikings colors (she doesn't really like them but the Mr. LOVES the vikings lmao).
i told her not to worry about the combo since i've seen tons of you ladies sporting that purple/yellow duo.
but, i kinda screwed up on the bottom liner on her left eye but hey, it still looks good.  i was
very proud of myself for the great work i did that night with her look...
also cuz kelly liked the way it turned out.  *pats self on back* lol

here's a pic of my little poser.  lol  he looked so cute in his little "farm boy" long johns.  haha

so, i'm sooo ready for this week to be over with.  i have a fashion show called Fresh Traditions that i will be attending on sat night with my bro-in-law's wife (not my sister, if that's what you guys are probably wondering lol)  she's one of the makeup artist for the night so i will be going with her as her assistant so i can view all the backstage stuff.  this fashion show consists of all Hmong designers here in the twin cities.  i didn't attend last year's but saw pics and it looked like a great show so i'm super excited to go see and experience it!  will have to post pics up after the weekend.


  1. aweee your little poser is sooo adorable! love babies in long johns! n i am loving your floral top! :D

  2. Pretty!! love the look!! Have fun at the fashion show!

  3. this is cute! bangs look awesome on youuuu!

  4. Ohh this is gorgeous- I love the pop of yellow and that is some wicked eyeliner you have!!!
    And what a cutie PIE :)

  5. The purple/yellow make-up looks so good on you!!!


  6. amazing make-up looks, you look lovely
    We'll be back!
    Come follow us @ TBAG
    Have a lovely lazy Sunday xx

  7. I really like what you did. Purple w/ yellow is definitely a good combo. And your son looks so ADORABLE!!! Haha.

    PS:Thanks for visiting.

  8. you are so kawaii I love it and your little man *cuddles*!you did an pretty makeup on her i love the color combo :D