Sunday, October 4, 2009

My 1st Contest!! Harajuku style...

hey ladies!  so i finally have a contest in mind for reaching 100 followers.  i know it took me a while but hey, finally got to it.

with halloween just around the corner, i thought i'd get you guys into the halloween spirit!  my contest will be all about gwen stefani's harajuku girls.  love how they dress all crazy & colorful and of course cuz they're gwen's girls.  here are a couple pics of gwen & her harajuku girls for you to get an idea of what i'm looking for.

here are the rules to my contest:
1.  must be a follower of my blog!  if you're not, please start following or else you'll be disqualified.
2.  your entry must have 3 photos of you...any kind of pose you want... and a list or photo of what you used.
3.  must leave me a comment on this post with the link to your entry
4.  open to both US & international followers
5.  GO ALL OUT WITH YOUR BRIGHT COLORS!!!  from the way you dress, your makeup, and even your poses... don't matter to me.  just make it harajuku glam!  :P

THAT'S IT!!  so with the rules thrown down, you have until Oct 21st to complete your look for my contest.  judging will be done by me & my younger sister... and give or take some other friends and/or family.  i will announce the winner on Oct 23rd or 24th so that i can send the prize in time for Halloween... **please note that this mainly counts for only US residents...if an international follower wins, they will have to wait for their prize to get to them after Halloween.

as for the prize, i will not post pics or note what they are yet as i am still trying to build up the prize bucket for the lucky winner.  so GOOD LUCK & HAVE FUN LADIES!


  1. Oh wow, this seems like it'll be an AWESOME contest! :)

    I hope I have time to try an entry!!

  2. This seems like a fun contest.

  3. wow harajuku style... so cute contest.. hope i have time to do it before the due date.. ^_^

  4. that's a cute idea :P..

  5. Hi girl! :)

    I love your contest idea!!! <3
    and here is my entry:

  6. Yay!
    I'd LOVE to join pls...
    I hope it's ok i put my three poses together, and separate my close up
    pls check it out...

  7. Hi

    I enterred to your contest.
    Please accept my entry :

    Thank you xxx