Thursday, October 15, 2009

the pumpkin family ^_^

hey ladies.  so halloween's coming up and the Mr. wanted to get some pumpkins to carve or what not.  well, instead of doing that, a coworker of mine grew little pumpkins/squashes in her back yard.  she had a bunch so she brought them into work and gave them out.  i was just sooo glad that i got the last 4!  so, here's our recreation of ourselves on our little pumpkins.

mitchell drew him & gavin's "self portrait" on the pumpkins

here's mitchell & his pumpkin self

here's gavin & his "wtf?" look with his pumpkin.  he was busy playing with his big spoon and pan. :P

here is the haul i meant to post that i got from elf.  they were having their 50% off their 10 pc set of their studio brushes.  so, basically i got this set for $15.  i will have to take better pics of them when i actually start using them after cleaning them.  but i left the brushes and they are super soft and i can't wait to use them.  the set consists of:

powder brushcomplexion brush
angled foundation brush
fan brush
eyeshawdow c brush
concealer brush
contour brush
small precision brush
small smudge brush
small angled brush

and i also got 4 of their waterproof eyeliner pen.  i bought one a couple months back and fell in love with it but couldn't find it in any stores so i had to wait until i ordered off elf's site again to purchase it and stock up on it.  i got 2 for me and 2 for kelly.

the other day, kelly and i were all wal-mart and noticed that they are carrying a new brand of makeup.  it's called hard candy.  i got one of the bronzers in heat wave and gold glitter mascara.

so, here is my swatch for the bronzer.  so far i'm liking the color.  i can't wait to try it out tomorrow for work. :P


  1. Aw, cute pumpkins!!

    OMG! I'm so sad there's no Hardy Candy isn't in my Wal-Mart. :(

  2. omg!!!! that is soooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love your kids and you!

  3. awwww so cute, Halloween!!!

    fab blog, we'll be back!
    Come follow TBAG
    we have an amazing beauty giveaway! :)

    Have a lovely weekend xx

  4. those pumpkins make me remember about halloween. =)

  5. the pumpkins are cute, though your little one doesn't seem to like it hahaha


  6. ur sons are adorable.. id like a pumpkin pie out of those pumpkin please! =)

  7. Cute pumpkins and kids! I didn't know walmart carried hard candy!!! i want, especially the bronzer.