Tuesday, October 27, 2009

contest winner! & fotd/notw

hey ladies... sorry for the slacking off of my contest.  been home with 2 sick boys!  mitchell has the h1n1 due to some kid in his class pushing him down and spitting on his face last wednesday or thursday... his teacher swears that it couldn't have been due to that since other kids have been sick too... whatever!  then gavin has just been stuffed up, can't breathe, can't talk good... feverish at night and then not being able to sleep too... man, it's draining me since gavin just wants me.

anyways... even though i had only 3 girls who entered my contest...




i am still gonna have a contest winner since these 3 lovely ladies took their time to enter my first contest.

after careful consideration and viewing all the lovely, colorful harajuku looks... *drum roll*  the winner is...


congrats to her!  so please do email me your address to pangie_her@hotmail.com and i will send you your prize this week.  * which i finally have a picture of *

i_heart_red, you will be receiving cg lash blast mascara, nyx glitter e/s, la colors eye pallet,
nyx l/s in tea rose, elf shimmering facial whip, a konad stamper, and a konad plate (m71)

here's a closeup of the m71 plate...

on a different note... i got bored yesterday so i did a makeup look using my new fantasy makers e/s duo in glam ghoul & my la colors neutral pallet.

and then i had time to do my nails... what do you ladies think?  it's a combo of some of my
art deco nail polishes.

that's it for now since i gotta get back to attending to my sick baby.


  1. ooohhh.. love the prices, too bad i didn't win, THANK YOU for making this so cute contest.

  2. OmG..Thank you...I don't have these beautiful products..Thank you again...