Friday, May 29, 2009's Makeup Quiz

So, this morning, as I got into work...checked my email and saw that sent me a link to their quiz called "What Kind of Makeup Fashionista Are You?" I decided to take it and this is what my result was:

You're a Classic Makeup Fashionista

You enjoy wearing makeup and the way it makes you feel. You know exactly what colors work for you and on special occasions you like to try the latest trends or go a bit more dramatic. You revel in your femininity and enjoy putting time and effort into your look. For everyday makeup, keep the focus on your eyes with shimmery sheer washes of color and flirty, defined lashes. For a night out try a retro pin-up girl look. Slide on your kitten heels and you're good to go. Bottom line: Indulge your love of all things feminine and don’t be afraid to say no to some of the wackier makeup trends. Sticking to what you know can be a very good thing.

Here's the link if anyone else would like to take the quiz... you know just for fun.


  1. Fun, i'm going to take it now! =]

  2. haha, that was a fun quiz, I got "You're a Keep-It-Simple Makeup Fashionista"