Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Vent of the Day...

So, today I get my package from Wetseal. My friend and I ordered some dresses when they had their buy 1 item, get 2nd item half off. I was sooo excited cuz I was ready to see my dress!! Well, to my surprise when I opened my package and looked at my dress, there were stains on it!!! *cries* I was really upset so I called Wetseal's customer service line and told them about it. The girl that helped me said that there was only one store with stock left so I called that store. Unfortuneatly, they only had smalls left. Then a coworker told me that if I called them back and complained, they can surely reimburse me if I take it in to get it dry cleaned. Turns out, I can get reimbursement when I fax them over a receipt! YAY!!! So, I will be taking it in to the cleaners tomorrow and see if they can get rid of the stains. This is the dress I got.

don't mind the mess behind me. lmao I just got home and had to make sure the dress fit.

Yesterday, I stayed home from work cuz my baby boy, Gavin has been sick for the past days and just hasn't gotten any better. I thought a day home with him would be good since he's at the daycare lady's house and I don't want any other kids to catch what he's got...whatever it is.
I feel bad for Gavin cuz he's been sick all winter long. I know he's a baby and his immune system is still building but man, it's week after week of none stop sickness. I just want him to get better so he can go enjoy the beautiful weather that's somewhat here.

But on my day off, I took my boys to see my mom...since Gavin was sick, she usual makes hims better by doing the traditional medicine stuff. While I was at her shop, I saw an outfit she sewed. It's breathtaking! Well since I told her I liked it she said I could have it! Woo-hoo! But gotta pay her since that's what puts food on the table for her. Here's the whole outfit. Whatcha think?


My LOTD I tried out the ELF bronzer and shimmer but couldn't capture a good pic of it so this is what I got out of my pics.


  1. .wow wetseal actually sends the clothing with stains on them!? sheeez they should check it first.. anyway its a cute dress tho, and nice nails!

  2. wowww that's horrible.. i've never had problems w/ wetseal like that. thank goodness you can get a reimbursement!! i love the outfit you're going to get ;) very pretty!

  3. It's not easy to be a mom, has to be attentive to keep an eye on the kids all the time, especially when they are sick. Omg..You look too hot to be a mom of two boys! I would say that green and black dress your mom made is quite unique but not sure if it's easy to wear in any occasion.