Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My ELF Haul

I got to work this morning and to my surprise, in my bin... my ELF haul!! I ordered it sometime last week and got it yesterday but never checked my bin until this morning. Stupid me. LOL

I received:
concealer/highlighter in light
shimmering facial whips in lilac petal and pink lemonade
liquid eyeliner in plum

healthy glow bronzers in sun kissed and warm tan
2 shielding hydro-tint in tone 2, although one package says foundation. werid?

My work look for today. Sporting my mustard dress (worn as a top today) that I got off ebay, my black studded belt that I got from Target yesterday, my gray sweater from Wetseal, my jeans that my sister gave me, and my yellow/blue stripe pumps from Charlotte Russe.

this is really the back part of the belt but I wore it in front instead. lol looks better this way with this top.

***edit*** here's the mustard dress and shoes. I took off the jeans and sweater cuz it was too warm to wear it during the afternoon after work.

the shoes... got them from Charlotte for $12.50


  1. cute the yellow top...

  2. i love your outfit :D and nice haul!

  3. cute outfit!

    how do you like the bronzers? are they too orangey? I'm looking for a good bronzer =)

  4. elf haul! ive never tried their bronzer :P

    cute outfit!

  5. thanks girls! i kinda through everything together for this outfit. i will post up the whole outfit with shoes and all.

    Fifi: i haven't tried the bronzers yet but i will probably do so tomorrow for work, just to test them out.

  6. lovely elf haul! your outfit is so cute, perfect summer colour :D

  7. Hey there!

    Awww, getting stuff in the mail are so fun, especially makeup ;].

    The yellow dress look great on you!!