Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bad Temptations & Award

I went to Target during my lunch to get stuff for the house. I had a temptation to go look around the makeup section... grabbed a couple things and then decided against them after I found some light tan Mossimo semi studded sandals on clearance for $7, a black studded belt on clearance for $5 and a little fabric floral print pin on clearance for $4. I didn't want to break my account since I just got my car's 30k maintenance yesterday and it was a good amount of money spent. Besides that, I didn't want to hear the Mr. tell me "You don't need that stuff. You have so much crap already." What can I say? I'm a girl... I LOVE SHOPPING!!! I don't have pics right now but I will post them up later.

***edit*** these are the Mossimo sandals I got for $7
floral pin worn in hair
then switched it over to actually wearing it as a broach/pin.

But in other news, Chomfifi, gave me this award... Terms & Conditions For the Award Recipient:

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  1. Thanks for the award, thats really sweet of you! lunch shopping is always tempting! xD heheh

  2. haha, I'm the exact same way, I can never resist to end up buying other things! =b My boyfriend was just telling me yesterday that he thought I was seriously addicted to shopping! lol

    & Thanks for the award! :)

  3. aaaww thanks hun for the award...that's so sweet of you.

    I actually live in Wausau...We should meet up one of these day. My husband and I don't know anyone in Wausau so we are always so bore and weekend we end up going back home to MN...lol or some weekend I end up staying home by myself...

    Are you still living in Wausau though?

  4. Hey!!Thank u it's my first award.so nice of u to include me...I'm also a shopaholic...my hubby thinks that I need to go to a rehab....hehe...thanks again ...xoxo....

  5. i know! i just wanna shop and spend like crazy! i feel ya!

  6. Don't feel bad, those are good buys for so cheap!!