Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Blues

Man, so glad it's finally FRIDAY!!! woot woot I must say, today went by pretty fast. It must be becuz I was helping the receptionist with her breaks and lunch. Thank God she took a lot of breaks today. lol You know, Friday mornings are always fast for me, then slow as heck after lunch...anyone else find that about their Fridays at work? I dread Friday afternoons spent at work, esp when it's a beautiful day out. Summer's gonna suck being at work when it's nice out. *frowns*

Well on a happier note, here's my outfit of the casual Friday.

blue jersey dress & flip flops: Wal-mart

black cardigan & black lace halter: Forever21

black stud earrings: Kelly got them for me at the Hmong flea market

the first profile like pic I took of myself. I must say, it turned out better than expected. :P

My hair of the day...

me & my lil men...finally got Mitchell to take some pics with me. He just woke up from his nap like 2 mins before these pics were taken so he has crazy hair. harhar

Gavin finally kissed me correctly! LMAO btw, that's a fried banana treat I'm holding. I was feeding Gavin that cuz it's one of his fave treats.


  1. wow you can wear flip flops on casual friday? awesome! & the friday afternoon probably goes on slow cuz you're already excited for the weekend! haha.

    we call the fried banana here fried saba. haha.
    then the one w/ spring roll wrapper turon :D

  2. your hair is so cute!

  3. Ahhh~! Omg, your boys are sooo cuteee..!!