Tuesday, May 5, 2009

mini haul from Forever21 & Wetseal

Went to Forever21, my fave store, and got this black dress... simply love it hugs my curves and makes me look so professional. :P

and these yellow floral earrings. They're so cute and simple.
And this is what I just received in the mail from Wetseal. They had a 30% off clearance items and these 2 items were only $20 after S&H. Not bad.

I'm excited to flaunt all these new items of mine. Although... I will have to get a black skirt to go with the bustier. Good thing right now, Wetseal is having a buy one get one 1/2 off for everything online and in stores. I've already spotted a couple things I like online but the question is should I get them or wait to get the shoes I've been wanting and my Mr. is letting me get. Hmm.... will have to let you all know after I make my decision.


  1. these are cute! esp the earrings. the f21 that is close to my house is closed down so now i actually have to go to the mall to go to F21 :(

  2. damn that sucks. i always want to go to the biggest one here but damn, can't ever really go cuz i'll have to take my kids with me and that's always a drag to have them around when i'm trying to shop.

  3. i love your new stuff! :) nice to see some clothes hauls!

  4. thanks for following and welcome to bloggers' world haha..

    they have a new F21 in Harajuku, cant wait to check it out, once the queues die down!!

  5. Thanks for the comment n droppin by my blog! xoxo

  6. Hello Hello!~
    Thanks for adding my blog^^
    You are super pretty, and based on what you orderd from F21, you have glam sexy style :3

    Adding you back!!