Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sunday at the Playground

Not really beauty related but I wanted to share our family day on Sunday. It was such a beautiful day!!! We didn't want to waste the day so we went to the park...unfortuneatly, we couldn't find a parking spot cuz everything was jam packed. So the Mr. decided we'll just go home and bbq. Well, Mitchell wasn't happy about that at all cuz he was already so excited that we were going to the park. To make it up to him, we went to the Rec Center that's across the street from our place. This was our family day... and I can't wait to have more since the warmer weather is finally here! woot woot

Gavin's first time on the swings. HE LOVED IT!!! He also likes slides but they didn't have any. :(

Mitchell playing with the sand like every kid does

Now he's trying to swing like crazy. lol

hard to tell that these two don't get along that often... only time is when they're camera whoring together. :P

To end the post...here's the Mr. and I. He's always making faces when we take pics together. Damn him! haha


  1. Looks like you guys had a great day! You and your hubby look so cute together <3

  2. what a cute family pic! your lil boy is soooo cute!

  3. awwww gavin is toooo cute! love the pics girl!

  4. I think all husband well mostly all make faces when trying to take a photo with their wifey...my husband ...can never put a nice face for our photo...maybe that is why I stop taking picture with him...lol

  5. wow youre one hot mama! lol on your hubby making faces. My bf makes faces all the time in pics too lol.

  6. aww... your sons are so adorable! :)

  7. beautiful family you got there hun~!! Hot mama~ your baby boy is so adorable :D

    I cant believe you live here too!! I moved here like 3 month ago from FL still getting adjusted but so far its been really beautiful here but I have to get used to the weather LOL

    I know there are like 2-3 blogger ladies that I found out they live in minneapolis too so we should plan a get together in the future! ^__^

  8. Hi HUN~
    we are still staying with my bf's parents house outside on minneapolis, we dont know what area to live yet, looking at edina area but I really have no clue where would be nice to live LOL

    I would love to do a meet up with you! after the minnehaha post, I got like 3 girls responding saying they too live in minneapolis!!
    it would be really nice! :)

  9. gavin & mitchell look so adorable!

  10. Awww! Your little boy is so cute! :) Omg. I want to see him in person, I love his cheeks!

    ~ Following your blog, your boy is too adorable to resist =D

  11. Awwww! What handsome little men you've got??? I have one of my own too. My little man is crazy about sand as well. Your boys look so adorable and playground is a heaven for them. isn't it?