Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Springy Look

So, last night I was babysitting my friend's 2 boys along with my 2 boys. When I finally got my baby to sleep and let the other 3 play around, I got around to doing my nails... you know, wanted to look good for Mother's Day tomorrow. :P

Now, on to the makeup... My springy look that I copied from Joyjoie from Girl's got some cute makeup looks and I liked this one. Although, the bf said that he didn't like that I wore too much makeup today. I told him that it only looks like that due to me using different colors. Straight men...they'll never understand us women and our LOVE for makeup. *shakes head*

My Ulzzang attempt. lol How did I do?

Then a little pout that made me not look like myself... harhar But I must admit, in this pic, my lips look plumper like my other 2 sisters. lmao

Here's one with the flash, not like the first two. The colors really pop out...esp my blush. hehe
purple, pink, teal, and light green from my 120 pallet
NYX liner in black
CG Lash Blast
Maybelline Colossal
Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse - just got this yesterday and wanted to test it out
pink blush from a random no name e/s & blush pallet
I think that's all I used. BTW, the bf was nice enough today and didn't put up a fight with me when I wanted to go to the mall to find me some spring jewerly to wear tomorrow. When I got back, I was surprised he didn't get mad that I bought another shirt. LOL Will have to show you pics later of my buys from today.
Until the next post, to all the moms out there HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!


  1. i like your nails! i like the green tip! :) the e/s are so colorful! <3

  2. happy mothers day! you look absolutely beautiful!

  3. happy mothers day =] love the makeup! beautifulll! =]

  4. love the glitters sis. their so cute..

  5. thanks ladies! i'm looking forward to my day with my 3 men and going to dinner with my mom as well.

  6. ooh such glittery nails! I love all the colors you used on your eyes, it's so pretty :)

  7. ooh lovely nails! :D
    happy mothers day to youu!!

  8. I love the nails, they're really cute! <3

    I totally love anything with glitter, lol :)

  9. Pretty mother's day look! the nails are really cute!