Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sisterly Love

I spent the day yesterday with my baby sister. Took her shopping so she can get some clothes for her school choir concert, end of school year graduation, and just out and about outfits. She spent a good $100 and got a lot of good stuff for herself.

And, I finally found a maxi that I liked at Forever21 for $14.80 so I got it in the fucshia-pinky color. I LOVE IT!!! Just have to get my mom to alter it about an inch or two shorter. But, I'm thinking about getting another one in either the teal or purple. I like how it just hangs on my body and doesn't show all my love handles from having my boys. LMAO

Here's a couple pics of us from yesterday, after our shopping was done...

My baby sister, Kelly, sporting her new top and headband

Me in my new maxi. Tried it on at my mom's to show Kelly, since she didn't see me in the fitting room, and then was too lazy to take it off. LOL

And of course... the Mr. & I


  1. I luv your maxi, thinking about getting the same one like yours~

  2. Seeing the pictures of you and your sister makes me miss mine so bad! :(

  3. Hi my friend,
    I'm here because the blog AMIGA DA MODA was indicated to the award TOP BLOP and I need your vote. Tank you and kisses

  4. Awwwwwwwww sister moments are so preeesshh! Adorable ladies!

  5. Yep, I'm a Pang too... There are definitely too many Pangs.. Hahha Love your maxi! :)

  6. Nice Maxi...and you and your sis are too cute. Hope you don't mind me following.

  7. thank you so much pangie! <333 yeah, i like that top too. :) ~xoxo

    thanks so much for the follow too! *kisses*

  8. you miss your son?? where is he?

  9. yippie sistah photos!
    both of you are sexy siren eh!
    you hav a sly wicked smile...saucy keke
    i like the photo of you lyin back to the wall - casual & relax yet exude sexiness in the maxi

    hehe both you & the MR looks like a fantastic pair!
    he has shy shy smile :P