Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day FOTD

To start off my post about yesterday, here's a picture of my baby, Gavin, waiting for food and looking at other people's food as they walked passed him. He was such a chubbster during dinner. He ate everything that was put in front of his mouth so my mom kept on calling him a baby bird. LMAO This is one of the main men in my life.

Here's my mom and my chubbster. She missed him a lot now that we have been taking him to a home daycare. She used to watch them every day until she got too busy with work and my oldest son, Mitchell, was too much of a handful for her. But what can I say? My chubbster is her little man. :P

My mom, Gavin and my youngest sister, Kelly (my so called Mini Me). To my surprise, I didn't even take a picture with my mom all night. tsk tsk to me.

The only pic of me & the Mr. yesterday. He took a picture of me and Mitchell and apparently made my camera zoom in and I didn't realize it until after I took this picture of us. He's such a dork. harhar

This is my Mitchell and me. Mitchell has gone through A LOT since he was born... all the drama that I put him through.... that we went through together. I'm just glad I still have him right beside me and he's not with his real dad (that loser).

He always wants to make funny faces so here's one of us. LMAO

Here's me and my Gavin. He's hardly photogenic with me but man, he poses and smiles and such for my sis, Kelly. I get dissapointed sometimes cuz I hardly have nice pictures like this with him.

Now, on with my look that I did for the day. This is after all the beauty work and before applying my falsies.

Left eye with falsies and right eye without falsies. I was surprised my mom even mentioned me wearing falsies when she saw me. lol

After both eyes had falsies on them. I LOVE THIS PAIR!!! Thanks to DSK, I wouldn't have gotten these hot lashes. Thanks hon for recommending them!!

Here's a close up of my top that I wore last night. I love the floral design on the sheer part. Even the Mr. liked this top on me. :P

And the whole look... Top and jeans are from from Burlington.


  1. fun pictures! you look great!

  2. oooo you look great :) your sons are adorable!

  3. Awww what great pictures, especially ones with you and your son. You both look so adorable!

  4. your kids are sooo beautiful! happy late mothers day hunn! looking super hot!

  5. happy mother's day... =) Its good to find more hmong girls on blogger... I'm hmong too...stop by my page sometime... you have a lovely family...stay sweet...

  6. Happy Mother's day!!
    aww Gavin is super cute^^
    You look gorgeous too!!

  7. thanks girls! you know, after having 2 kids... all i wanna do is stay looking good for as long as i can before i pop out a third one, if i do anyways. :P

  8. appy belated mothers day, good to hear you had a good day!! your sons are so cute!

  9. wow! mother of two already~~ you look curvyly stunning *woohoo
    i like the making faces shots! err you & mitchell look so much alike! haha

    thanks for droppin my blog :)