Thursday, May 28, 2009

Beautiful in Lavendar

It's a beautiful day today. The sun is's nice and warm out but my place is hot. That's the one thing that sucks the most about this place we're living at. I dread doing laundry and cooking during the summer cuz of the damn heat and humidity we get here in MN. *ugh*

Anyways, on another note... I was thinking about starting a daily post on my outfits that I wear to work. To start things off, here is my work outfit from yesterday. I would post my outfit today but I didn't take any full length pics...only ones are from my phone when I took them at work cuz today was just a LONG day!! Time just went soo slow that I was falling asleep. LMAO I normally don't but man, had a long hunt last night for my lost keychain. I was sooo upset but at least we found them after looking for about 1 1/2 hours. Damn my Mr.'s sister!!! LOL She ended up throwing them in her purse. Crazy girl. lol

Ok... enough of the rambling of my missing keychain. On to the pics!

Gray cardigan, lavendar dress worn as a top & bow earrings: Forever21
Pinstripe skirt with skinny belt, floral necklace & gray mary janes: Charlotte Russe

Instead of giving me a kiss, Gavin decided to open his mouth cuz he thought I was gonna give him some ice cream. LOL

Gavin all messy after eating an orange creamsicle with me.

These two pics of Gavin are from last week. He's sooo chubby!!


  1. gavin is a super cutie! and i love the outfit, i wish i could dress up like that for work!

  2. Hi hun~ really nice outfit everything matches really well!
    your baby is too adorable!! ^__^

  3. Cute outfit. Still looking great after 2 kids...and your baby is too adorable.

  4. look at you one hot mama. I love how your makeup matched with your outfit.

  5. lavender and gray look nice together!! oh..i want to kiss your little man too!

  6. Where do you work that you can dress up so nicely...?? Love the purple...

    Thanks for your sweet comment...your little man is very he walking nephew, the birthday one just started walking I think almost a month now because he still can't walk steady yet. hahah

  7. Cute outfit and Gavin is sooooo adorable. =)

  8. your e/s & your outfit match! haha!
    aww @ gavin! lol ice cream.

  9. aww gavin is superrrrrr cute.
    i love the purple too.
    my favorite color

  10. cute baby! i love babies! :) true, beautiful lavender, really like it.

  11. yes i am huge! or at least i feel like it.

  12. Awesome outfit, it does really suit you!